Are you also looking for an online shopping platform from which to obtain different types of clothing? End of waiting. In this Shescharm review, we take a look at an online platform that sells women’s clothing.

Online stores have so much to offer today. Due to the easy access to online platforms and various amenities, there has been a huge shift from offline to online shopping. This review is about the online store that sells women’s clothing in different varieties where you can choose.

Especially in the US, online stores have attracted a significant number of online shoppers. Let’s move on in this review and learn about more aspects of this online store like Is Shescharm Legit or not.

What is

It is an online store with many different varieties and categories of women’s clothing products. It sells items such as tops, dresses, jumpsuits and rompers, shoes, pants, swimwear, and more in the United States. In addition, this online store offers various options in each category where you can also find your favorite.

So many offers and discounts are available daily on this online shopping platform so that you can get the product of your choice at a low cost. The overview of the website of this online store also looks good. Let’s dive into the specs and the pros and cons of this online store at Shescharm Reviews.


• URL:

• Domain Age: The domain was created on December 11, 2020, so the website domain age is one month and 16 days.

• E-mail: [email protected]

• Contact number: not provided.

• Address: not listed.

• Social Media: Social media handles are listed on the official website of this online store.

• Delivery Time: Depends on where you order. It takes 10-20 days.

• Shipping Charges: Shipping fees apply, but ordering items for $ 89 and above shipping will be free.

• Return Policy: You have seven days to contact us and 30 days to return, but it also includes a few conditions.

• Refund: Available but also includes some conditions.

Pros of

• This online shopping platform offers a wide range of women’s clothing.

• The specifications for each product are shown.

• Various discounts and sales are offered to customers every day.

• The Shescharm customer reviews present in this online store look great.

• Fast international delivery.

• Easy return and refund policy.

Disadvantages of

• The customer reviews on the website of this online store look too good to be true.

• The products are quite expensive.

• The address is not listed on the website of this online store.

• The contact number is also not listed on the website.

• The popularity of the customer reviews displayed on this online store should have much more followers on social media platforms.

Is Shescharm Legit or Scam?

In this review session, we looked at the various aspects of this online store. The domain age of this online shopping platform is too new to be trusted. This online store also does not provide an address or contact number, which makes it difficult for consumers to reach customer service.

This online store has a secure HTTPS connection which is necessary for a legit website. But that doesn’t mean your information is safe. We also received negative online reviews.

Therefore, nothing makes us believe that this online store is legal. We would say this online store looks quite dodgy for a number of reasons we mentioned in this review.

Shescharm customer reviews

If you go to this online store you will see tons of customer reviews. But when visiting his Facebook account, one user says: it’s a Chinese scam, this site has already changed its name 2 times. If the customer reviews present on this online store are genuine, it should have many more followers on social media platforms.

Therefore, the customer reviews on the online store are false, making this online shopping platform unprofessional and less trustworthy.


Finally, we advise you not to provide any personal information to this online store. Also, this online shopping platform is not trustworthy as it appears to be highly suspect. Therefore, beware of internet scams and avoid buying anything from this online store.

Do you have any experience using this site? Tell us in the comments section below about your experience of this online store or share your Shescharm reviews.