The actor-comedian known for his character of single father on the show “Full House”” Bob Saget was found dead in an hotel in Florida, United States. He passed away aged 65 on the 9th of January 2022 as reported by local police.

Bob Segat left behind a massive legacy, thanks to his role as a comedian on the show, as well as the incredible hosting skills on Funniest Home Videos. The family and friends of his will be missing him, especially Kelly Rizzo, his spouse. Kelly Rizzo.

Prior to Kelly she was born, he was a engaged to Sherri Kramer, and then divorced. Let’s see how Sherri Kramer’s Wiki has to reveal about her.

Who is Sherri Kramer? How did they get Got Together?

As we mentioned earlier, Sherri Kramer is the ex-wife of comedian and host of the TV show, Bob Saget. Prior to his marriage to Kelly Rizzo, he was married to Sherri Kramer. The couple had three children.

According to the Wikipedia site, Bob mentioned Dirty Daddy about his ex-wife in the book. He states that he dated the Wiki Sherri Kramer Wiki when he was just 17 and that they attended school together. They were in love.

They were married in the year 1982. she was admitted as an attorney at the California State Bar, United States.

What number of kids do Do They Are According to Sherri Kramer’s Wikipedia Page?

Sherri Kramer, and Bob Saget had three kids together. All three are daughters. Bob has also praised his children when he was in media. In 2016 the actor declared they are the lifeline of his family and he’s blessed to have the girls within his family.

According to the Wiki site, they has three daughters. Of these, Aubrey Saget is the oldest born on the 15th February 1987 The next daughter, Lara Saget, born on 16th October 1989 The eldest daughter is Jennifer who was born on the 18th November 1992.

According to the Sherri Kramer’s Wiki page The oldest daughter of the family paints for a livelihood and is the co-founder and director of Studio 2000 which is located in NYC. Lara has a talent for painting who works in the studio of her sister. There’s not any information on Jennifer because she stays her distance from the spotlight.

Profile and the Early The Life Sherri Kramer!

His ex-wife Bob Saget’s, Sherri Kramer, was born on the 8th of August 1956. She is now age 65. The wiki page provides only a few details about Sherri Kramer, and details of her family are not there. It is only confirming that she attended Pennsylvania University to pursue her law degree. She also earned her law degree there.

Based on the Sherri Kramer’s Wikipedia site, the actress was wed to Bob on the 16th of May, 1982. They had three gorgeous daughters. The couple split on the 10th of November 1997, and following that, she wasn’t wed to anybody. But, Bob decided to marry an TV host, Model, and Blogger, Kelly Rizzo, in 2018.


Sherri Kramer lives a very private life, which is why only a few details are accessible on the web. It is estimated that the net worth of the ex-wife of Bob is approximately $820, 000 and she is well-known for her involvement in fundraisers throughout the US. For more information you can check out for the Sherri Kramer Wikipedia page on the internet.