This article contains unbiased Shenlys reviews about the online store which provides women’s clothing.

Are you in search of an exclusive clothing line in Shenlys? Shenlys store? Take a look at the following review session.

Today the people are heavily affected by the booming fashion industry. They search for the latest trends on websites to ensure that their wardrobes are always up-to-date.

Additionally, we’ll inform to our viewers about Shenlys, a store which offers the latest styles of clothes for women. The store’s online shop is where customers can find party wear casual, sportswear, and casual wear. Additionally the website is advertising popular countries such as Mexico as well as in the United States.

If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of the website you can read the following review in these Shenlys reviews.

What is Shenlys?

As per the Shenlys website’s About Us page, the rapidly growing online B2B store concentrates on women’s clothes footwear, shoes, accessories bags, and handbags. This is why the website has gained the trust and respect of its patrons.

Additionally, the site aims to offer stunning and unique fashion items to its customers. The website’s collection is divided into various categories like a new inn spring 2022, floral globe, sweet fashion Boho dresses, etc.

At present, the entire collection is currently available at a discounted price, where shoppers can get designer dresses at up to 50% off. Additionally, the site has a variety of trendy clothes and accessories.

The site is well-maintained and organized However, we have doubts about it, such as Are Shenlys legitimate or is it a scammer.

What’s the specifications for Shenlys?

  • Website URL-
  • Payment Options – Mastercard, Visa, Discover, JCB, Diners club
  • Estimated shipping feesStandard shipping is free for orders of $69 or more.
  • Return and exchange period: within 14 days
  • Customer care number- Unavailable
  • Refund policy- Must be made within 30 days
  • Newsletter- No specifics
  • Accessories and dresses
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Physical address: No details available
  • Validity of shipping – usually takes 7-15 working days
  • Social media connections- Not disclosed
  • Domain establishment date- 05/01/2022

Please read the review of the shopper’s Shenlys reviews to verify the product’s high-quality.

The advantages of buying via Shenlys

  • The data of the customer is secure by the site as it’s SSL secured.
  • The items are offered at 50 percent discount.
  • The site is packed with an extensive selection of all-season clothes.
  • The delivery service is available upon purchase, plus $69.

The disadvantages of purchasing at Shenlys

  • The company’s address and contact numbers are listed on the site.
  • The page for feedback from customers isn’t available on the portal.
  • The website has received an index score that is low, which is at 1 percent.

Is Shenlys Legit?

We’ve analyzed all areas of the website to assess its credibility , as in the current time fraud online is the most significant problem. It is not recommended to trust any website without checking for the possibility of being scammed. So, experts suggest checking the authenticity of the website prior to sharing financial and personal information with any unreliable portals.

Therefore, to assist the buyers and make it easier for them to purchase, we have listed the technical specifications below to help shoppers make an informed decision.

Scroll down to see the information.

  • Social media icons – The website doesn’t have active engagement on any of the social media platform.
  • Domain expiration date – The domain expires in 2023, on the 5 the 5th
  • Feedback from shoppersUnfortunately, no important customer’s Shenlys reviews are on the official website.
  • Alexa rank – The website’s Alexa rank is 1024878.
  • Trust index score: The trust index score of the site is 2% from 100.
  • Address Originality – We’ve looked through all of the pages that search for the address physical of the site, but we were unable to locate it.
  • Plagiarized content content is not very good as the vital information is absent from the site.
  • Discounts, money-saving deals and discounts are on the site.
  • Domain registration date: The domain name of the website was established on the 05/01/2022.

What is the buyers Shenlys Review?

Our team has been looking for reviews on every platform and not one single comment can be found on the website. In the same way, no client has ever posted their experiences through external websites.

In hindsight, a customer has written in the comments section of video reviews that there aren’t any reviews are posted on the official site suggests that buyers are also concerned about the reviews.

If you’ve completed the payment but have doubts, here’s how to request an amount back through PayPal.


The website is indeed stocked with the most recent clothes along with accessories however, the experts have discovered several flaws that make the website appear untrustworthy. So, customers are advised to be patient until they have authentic reviews and data are available because the site is only recently launched.

We have therefore included all of the information contained in the Shenlys reviews to enable customers to check their information to confirm. If you require to get your return of your credit card,then read here.

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