Many mothers to little ones often find themselves looking for other mothers who are going through the same journeys as themselves. Naturally, you meet, and make friends with, other mums at playgroups and parks. Being able to swap ideas, tips, and stories is reassuring. Having another mom friend out there, who doesn’t judge or compare your parenting style to theirs is a dream come true.  Mrs. Shelly Sus is that friend. 

About Mrs. Shelly Sus

Mrs. Shelly Sus is a 30-something stay-at-home mother of two from Ontario, Canada. Being a mum is a full-time job, even if you do work elsewhere during your waking hours. Mrs. Shelly Sus knows that and is here to help. She shares her journey of being a mama to two little ones on her website, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

Her sincere, organic, and honest content strikes a chord with her followers who find her immensely relatable. As one of her fans, Brittany Davis says,

“Watching her day to day life helps me not feel so alone while continuing to inspire me in my home daily.”

All the Inspiration You Need This Summer

Speaking of inspiration, when summer rolls around, ideas on what to do can tend to dry up. While the warm weather can mean you can include lots of outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy, getting out requires a lot of planning – from making sure your car is packed with everything you’ll need to organizing summer activities that keep your kids interested in the outdoors without getting bored. Mrs. Shelly Sus has plenty of suggestions to makes those trips outdoors easier on you and engaging for the little ones. If you’re an adventurous sort of family, Mrs. Shelly Sus has got your back with helpful videos like this one on how to organize an RV camping trip when you have a baby on board.

How about when it’s too hot to go outdoors? It’s tempting to put the T.V. on so you can have some quiet time to sort through all the clutter that builds up in a home with young children. While a nice film is fun on occasion, planning the right indoor activities can not only help your tiny tots expend some of their boundless energy but also help them develop into well-rounded little beings. 

Mrs. Shelly Sus makes sure that she includes either sensory play, learning tools, or crafting, along a whole lot of fun in each of the activities she describes. Sensory play activities like this spring sensory bin  aid your child’s brain development by helping enhance memory and carry out complex tasks to build problem solving skills. She also has great suggestions for toys that let your children use their imagination while also learning valuable life skills. 

As Ashley Gormley commented, “I can’t even pick a specific category I like the best because the content overall is just amazing.  I am able to carry on your ideas in my own home. They are all amazing from after school activities to making bath time magical.“

Mommy Time

Being a mom means interacting with other moms and building a support system you can rely on. That means indulging in some quality time with your BFFs from playgroup. Mrs. Shelly Sus has plenty of tips to make hosting a breeze. You’ll find everything you need to play the perfect host – from decorating tips to some delicious cocktail recipes the entire mom group will love – on her YouTube Playlist. 


The struggle is real. Kids can get fussy with their food especially when the weather turns hot. Just like you, Mrs. Shelly Sus has been there. Being the awesome YouTube mama she is, she shares her tips and tricks on how to get your toddlers to eat everything. Parents love her idea of putting dessert on the plate with the main meal. 

Kids are expensive for their sizes. As a mom looking out for other moms, she also has special discount codes for you to use along with some cool stuff on her Amazon storefront for the entire family.

Mrs. Shelly Sus has found that sharing honest moments of motherhood has created the deepest connections and made the entire experience of being a mama to two little ones so much more fulfilling. Find inspiration in her quest to make every day magical for her family and join her in her journey and make her a part of yours.