Pumpkin pie? Are you curious about this pumpkin pie news? We were also shocked to hear the news headlines. After the evaluation, we learned all the details we want to share with each other.

Let’s dig into the news. Sharon Marie Callender’s Pumpkin Pie is a viral sensation that has captured the attention of many across the United States.

Let’s start with Sharon.


Sharon Weiss from California is one of Marie Callender’s customers. She has burned her pumpkin pie and uploaded the photo to Marie Callender’s Facebook Page on Thanksgiving Day.

The real question is “Why is this information viral?”. You’ll be shocked to learn the extent of its popularity, as well as the fact that the photo post has been liked thousands upon thousands. 17,000 shares. 22,000 comments. It is eye-catching!

Before Sharon Marie Callender Turkey Pie, let us briefly discuss Marie Callender’s restaurant.

About Marie Callender’s:

Marie Callender’s is the chain of restaurants/bakeries that has 29 branches throughout the United States. This company was established in 1948. The restaurant serves frozen meals, as well as desserts made from scratch using quality ingredients. The restaurant is extremely popular and has many customers. Facebook boasts 95,924 followers.

What is the origin story of the pumpkin pie-burnt meme? The meme is about pumpkin pie burning. It’s a joke, and people started making hundreds of memes and comments.

Sharon Marie Callender Pumpkin Pie:

The meme Sharon Marie Callender Pie was recently reported. The meme has been viralized on the Internet. You know social media platforms are a great source for news. Every day, memes go viral on these platforms.

It is a meme about pumpkin pie burning. Many people started making fun of it and starting to post hundreds of jokes and gifs.

We want to let you know that the information in this article is based solely on internet research.

Sharon is buying

Marie Callender has taught her pumpkin pie making techniques and she has made it at home. Marie Callender was the one to blame as she failed to bake it. Sharon Marie Callender Pumpkin Pizza picture posted by Marie Callender on November 25, 2021. Marie Callender said, “Thank you Marie Callender, for ruining our thanksgiving dessert.”

Sharon post replay:

People found this post hilarious. They commented that Sharon probably burned pie herself because she left it in the oven too long. This was not Marie Callender’s fault.

Callender’s spokesperson apologised to Sharon after Sharon posted. She wrote: “Hi Sharon. Thanks for your comment. Sorry that you were disappointed with our Pumpkin Pie. We would like to reach out to you for more information and assistance.

Final Verdict:

After discussing Sharon Marie Callender Turkey Pie , it is clear that the news was about a woman who ate her burnt pumpkin pie and blaming Marie Callender. Marie Callender, however, is not responsible because she did not track the time when the pie was baked.