Today I decided to clarify a few things and answer some things about crystals.this is really random so hopefully this article will be good quality, I wrote down all the questions that i want to like go over for you.

I have a bunch of crystals, these are some of my favorites and some of the ones i’m going to be talking about in this article so yeah let’s get right into the questions.

The first question that i have been getting asked is where do i get my crystals from and whether i like order them online and also from store offline, personally I like to order online as it is more easier,I usually order from shop called can visit here

Before I knew anything about shopping for crystals i feel like like that would kind of stress me out for some reason i went in I feel like I would give it way too much thought but now I would say don’t give it too much thought like just walk around the store and whatever catches your eye, don’t think too much

about it usually also the store has all of the crystals have little like flash cards and you can take them home with you.

They have like the name of the crystal what the crystal does the meaning the healing properties of it just like whatever draws your eye just go for it and take it and pick it up and i also heard the crystal feels

hot in your hand or like warm in your hand and usually when you pick up a crystal you can kind of feel the energy if you feel something like that then usually i would say like that’s a sign that you should probably get the crystal and you’re connecting with it for me this is really funny because for some reason during the time and when i first started to really shop for crystals so like a backstory i guess on my crystal journey I’ve always had a lot of crystals in my house a lot of my crystals come from my dad because he used to collect them when he was younger so that’s why we have such a big Collection.

some people say that crystals have such a high vibration that like whatever we do isn’t going to affect them and that you don’t need to clean your crystals, personally i feel like every single item has energy for example if i were to go to a thrift store or like a vintage store and i were to buy an old article of clothing or a decoration or some sort of like furniture piece whatever house it was in if something really bad happened in that house or like the previous owner died or something like that i just wouldn’t want

To have that item i feel like that weird energy that that item has been around is attached to it and i just feel like the same way with crystals wherever they’re from or who handled it last.

Sometimes people bring in their crystals to a crystal feng shui store and like pretty much donate them so you kind of never really know where they’re coming from personally i feel like it’s important to clean your crystals and to have like your energy be what if that makes sense like i just want all of my crystals to have my energy and it just makes me feel good to sit there and charge them with good intentions you put them out in the sunlight and whatever and i feel like that’s just like treating your crystals good and taking care of them like you would take care of like a plant.

How to work with crystals i get asked this a lot as well how i work with my crystals especially if it’s a new

crystal i will sit there and i will meditate with it because i feel like it just gets me into like this meditative state and i also this is just a personal preference you obviously don’t have to do this but for me i feel like the most effective time to do it is at night like i feel like that’s when everyone goes to sleep it’s just me i’m in my room it’s quiet and i can just sit down in my bed and meditate i like to say my intentions out loud to

the crystal to program it and that’s how i work with it and i meditate and i like to visualize what i want this crystal to bring to me and i just like to hold it in my hand.

The crystals energy flowing into me and i just like to get into like a meditative state and pretty much imagine some sort of golden light around me or something like that and i feel like that’s how i work with

my crystals next i also wanted to go over wearing crystals so personally i love wearing crystals I feel like that’s like an amazing way to incorporate them into your daily life especially if you’re a crystal beginner

I feel like that’s great to just get some sort of a piece of crystal jewelry I had this little rose quartz bracelet it was my favorite thing ever i wore it pretty much every day.

I would put crystal bracelet on i would just feel good and like it was my good luck charm and i definitely say if you are a crystal beginner get yourself like a little rose quartz bracelet or some crystal jewelry first and just like wear it around and see how you feel and incorporate that crystal into your life