Are you a fan of gaming? If so, there’s a brand new and extremely interesting game to play. Shake Wallpaper Genshin Genshinis an in-game mini-game Genshin recently broadcasted on behalf of us. You need to shake your phone upwards then down until you reveal your wallpaper. Once the wallpaper is revealed, you can save and share the wallpapers for your mobile phones too. It’s free to play and drives fans across the globe and especially those in America. United States. For more information about this game keep reading this article


  • MiHoYo has developed and published the song.
  • Releasedon September 28 and 30, 2020
  • Available on Android, IOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Genre-Anime fashion, role Playing, Action RPG
  • Shake Wallpaper Genshin is available for free to play the game.
  • It is playable only on mobile phones.

If you have questions regarding the guidelines to play this game, take a look belowthe following article

How do I Play?

It’s a mini-game for mobile devices that is completely free and accessible to all people. This is a game where you have to move the phone for 8 seconds. It is essential to achieve 60 shakes in just 8 seconds in order to reveal the wallpaper of the mobile.

There’s a tiny Paimon that appears on screen that will be there to assist you throughout the day.

Within the Shake Wallpaper Genshin If you earn 60 shakes, Paimon will be thrilled to help you and guide you on how to claim your prize. You can also share as well as save wallpapers for your mobile devices. If you don’t receive 60 shakes, you must try again. If you don’t reach your goal She will then force you to do better next time.

A lot of excited wallpaper characters such as Albedo, Amber, Barbara, Diluc, Diona, and many more. You can win.

We’ve gathered some surveys to give you a more complete impression of this game. Here are the reviews.

Shake Wallpaper Genshin Journals

  • “It’s quite bizarre. For an entire 8 seconds, you’re required shake your phone until you reach 60 in order to take home a prize.”
  • “Anyway the game is only available to phones. It is not accessible when you open the game on your the PC.”
  • “The wallpapers are restricted to characters and I’ve seen the wallpapers before.”
  • “My hands hurt, but I did get Zhongli the first time I tried.”
  • “Paimon is just adorable. It’s fun to play with her. She’s a real cutie, truly.”
  • “Paimon is here for you to serve a purpose. This game requires a lot of positive energy.”

The majority of them reported that it was difficult to complete 60 jerks in just 8 seconds.


In the end, Shake Wallpaper Genshin is a fun and enjoyable mini-game which you can play in your spare time only to have fun. If you don’t remain optimistic about the game, you may be disappointed. In addition, Paimon is there with her adorable appearance to keep you going every day. If you have anything to say, leave a comment here.