It is one of the doubts that we most often consult with the doctor and we wanted to talk to an expert about its possible contraindications and when we can practice it.

If you want to get pregnant, the first thing you do, of course, is having sex. But when you do, what happens? A lot of things happen. It can be the last thing on your mind or you can’t stop thinking about it. It’s one of the consequences of the hormonal revolution your body is undergoing. But even if you want to, you and the father-to-be may have other doubts, such as the suitability of having sex if you are pregnant. Obviously, if you are a male you can have sex in Dublin by hiring escort services on sites like Escort Ireland or Simpleescorts but, what about the future mum?

Is it OK to have sex during pregnancy?

Of course, as long as there is no medical problem that prevents it, it is possible to have sex during pregnancy. The developing baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in the uterus, as well as by its muscles, which are very strong. Sexual activity will not affect our baby, as long as we do not have contraindications due to risks of premature birth or problems with the placenta. And having sex is not a cause of miscarriage, because most miscarriages occur as a result of abnormal fetal development. Male can enjoy London escort services and sex with his wife, there are no excuses! 

If I am pregnant, when should I stop having sex?

  • When there is bleeding.
  • If the amniotic sac has ruptured.
  • If there is a threat of premature labor.
  • If there is a placental abruption or problems such as placenta praevia, cervical incompetence, etc.

In other words, whenever there is a problem that contraindicates penetration, sex should be stopped. This does not imply that sexuality ceases to exist in the couple, because there are other forms of pleasure without penetration, such as caresses, massages, kisses, etc.

Is it normal to feel pain or discomfort if you are pregnant?

There is usually no pain from being pregnant, except if you have the typical discomforts of pregnancy itself that may become more obvious with sex. For example, if you have a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen or genitals, it may be more uncomfortable with intercourse.

Also, as long as you are comfortable, most sexual positions are fine during pregnancy. Oral sex, for example, is also safe. As your pregnancy progresses, though, you’ll need to find the best position to feel good.

Can the baby be affected when the mother has sex?

Nothing happens to the baby by having sex (as long as there is no contraindication as I said before). Penetration takes place in the vagina, while the cervix (cervix) is higher up and completely closed, the baby is completely protected.

Sometimes, when the pregnancy is more advanced you may experience small contractions with orgasm, as oxytocin increases and in the uterus, this hormone can stimulate contractions, but they do not harm the baby at all, they are like Braxton Hicks contractions, painless and soon disappear. The baby can feel this movement, like all the movements it experiences throughout the day, in its very protected amniotic fluid, and this does not harm it at all.