Facebook is a criterion used by search engines to determine the quality of content, so the more you like it, the better your content will appear in the SERP.

People can like the content on your blog or page (if the right add-ons / apps are installed) or on the Facebook fan page. All you need to do is link to the post on the Facebook fan page and find out what to do at the end of this article.

But how do you Buy Facebook Likes? Besides creating great content that encourages people to like voluntary content, let’s take a look at 7 effective ways to like Facebook.

Advertise your Facebook page – Duh! Of course, this idea does not make sense, but people know that there is a Facebook page for your business or website where it is advertised everywhere. Insert your Facebook card address into your business card, provide a primary link to every page on your site, and take the personal opportunity to send your email every time you send an email. Give and so on. Product market? Why not link to your website and post it to Facebook fans?

Bookmark your friends – you already have friends on Facebook, why not let them work for you? Message anyone who asks you to review your site and indicate that they like it. If you have a lot of friends and good people, you will soon find some favorites. This can be especially useful when starting a new website, as its fans will act as social proof for that apartment and your new friends / strangers. Please check the page as you want. It was done before anyone else saw it.

Using Facebook Advertising Using Facebook advertising is a great way for people to see Facebook. I don’t like it because it’s like having a more legitimate path and positive thoughts in your mind.

Add Link Groups – Joining and joining groups on your own is a good way to talk about your site so that people can visit and enjoy it.

Twiends – Twiends is a free service that is usually created to get followers on Twitter. However, you can watch more likes and for free in your YouTube and Facebook videos. Do

Encouragement is not a word I like, but you can offer it in return for liking your content.

You can only post content such as fan videos in one section of your site. People can register because it’s a video because they are fans, so fans are encouraged to be regular fans of the new content in this section. One has the impression of being an army and a purely member society.

Blog Comments Facebook comments are open – you’ve read this before and why do you think of “blog comments” and yourself, really Paul? Comments on the blog? If you don’t start posting comments on Facebook, commenting on your blog isn’t as fun and useful as getting Facebook. So, everyone involved in the discussion in the comments section is currently on Facebook.

Use the same strategy you often use when posting comments to your blog so that people can see your thoughtful blog comments and visit your Facebook fan page as you browse your site. General Chat Chat Lounge For this there should be an exchange rate and the like more than the usual blog script because you are not trying to sell something on the login page you are just trying to get something like that for free and people will make it more general. Chat Chat Lounge Want to get a page from someone’s blog on Facebook?