The idea behind escape room games is simple: you and a group of friends are imprisoned in a room, and your goal is to escape. You will have to discover hints, work through them, solve puzzles, or do specific tasks to be freed from the challenge finally. As these game types usually involve time constraints, this added pressure can make for an even more exhilarating experience.

Anyone, regardless of hobbies or ability level, can enjoy escape rooms. They provide an excellent opportunity to bond with friends and family and showcase your skills (or even learn new ones!).

Not only escape room experience Melbourne is a fun social activity, but they also have more practical benefits. Escape rooms improve mental and physical skillsets while the player is also having a good time.

This article will explore seven skills you can develop and sharpen by playing escape room games.

Logical Thinking:

It’s important for players to know what they’re walking into when they start an escape room. They must piece together their surroundings and figure out the clues. Some places will be barricaded by puzzles that must be solved before progressing, adding another layer of difficulty.

This type of thinking is often used in lateral thinking puzzles, which are popular in escape rooms. Players need to think creatively to solve these types of puzzles and come up with an original solution that isn’t immediately obvious.


Players will face obstacles they can only overcome throughout the game by recalling information. This can be difficult in an escape room setting because players are kept from bringing anything that could help them remember information.

Escape rooms test players’ short-term memory by requiring them to remember a lot of information in a short period. This is especially common in games with multiple puzzles that must be solved simultaneously.


For players to escape the room, they need to communicate with each other and figure out the best way to utilize everyone’s strengths. Players need to be able to communicate effectively to discuss the clues they’ve found and come up with a plan.

Some escape rooms will have one team of players working on one puzzle while another team works on another mystery. To make sure they’re on the right road, both teams must communicate their progress to one another.


Players need to be able to take in their surroundings and quickly identify any potential clues. This includes looking for things out of place or anything that could be used to solve a puzzle.

In some escape rooms, players must find hidden objects blended in with the environment. This can be a challenge, especially if the hidden object is small or in an area that needs to be well-lit.


Escape rooms often require players to have a lot of patience as they try to figure out the clues and solve the puzzles. Players must be able to keep calm and think clearly, even when they feel like they’re not making any progress.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve been stuck on the same puzzle for hours without making any headway. It’s essential to not give up during these moments and to keep trying different solutions until you find the right one.


Players must think creatively to solve the puzzles. This means finding creative solutions that the designer may have yet to think of.

There will be times in the game where you’ll need to use unusual objects. This might be difficult for you, especially if you don’t think creatively very often.


Players need to be able to adapt to the ever-changing game. This includes changing their strategy on the fly and thinking of new solutions when the old ones don’t work.

Some escape rooms will have multiple endings, which means that players need to be able to change their approach depending on the path they choose. These days some escape rooms are in VR, like Entermission Sydney VR. So, players need to be flexible according to that.


Escape rooms are a perfect way to test your problem-solving skills. They require players to think creatively, communicate effectively, and be patient. If you’re looking for a fun challenge, an escape room is the perfect activity.