Surely, your house is one of your most precious occupancies, along with all the stuff inside it. It’s a place where everyone wants to feel secure and safe from the potential dangers of the outer world. Practicing some essential best habits for house’s safety is important. It is the initial step to help create a safe and secure surrounding for you and your loved ones. Therefore, make your home look like a difficult place to get in for the robbers.

Robbers are out for only one thing: to find a house that they can easily enter. Suppose your home looks difficult to enter or the risk of getting caught is too much. They will change their plan and move to another house. Though it does not take a lot of effort to make your residence appear frightening to burglars. 

Unluckily, a lot of homeowners do not follow the simple security tips. We have mentioned a few tips that expert locksmiths in Brunswick, Maine,suggest. You need to follow these tips to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe and secure.

Light Up The Landscape

Burglars, vandals, and other criminals don’t wish to be in the limelight. Keep bad gangs at bay with sufficient outdoor lighting. Put lights around your back and front yards and along pathways. Also, do not forget to place lights near the garage and other outdoor spots. By doing this, you will make robbers skittish.

Furthermore, make the security light of your outdoor area even more beneficial with these tips:

  • Place motion-activated lights.
  • Conserve energy with solar-powered lights.
  • Keep outdoor lights on a timer.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Shrubs and trees may give your home curb appeal. But they also provide burglars with a good place to hide. Cut off or trim down the plants and trees close to your house that they can use to cover themselves. Rather, go for smaller bushes and flowers. 

Furthermore, If you have plants or trees near your windows, either completely remove them or increase security on those windows. Moreover, make use of these best practices to make your home safer:

  • Always keep the ladders and stools away.
  • Lock sheds, gates, and other outdoor buildings.
  • Do not invite thieves by leaving costly goods on the show in the yard.
  • Add security stickers and signs, even if you do not possess a security system.

Invest In Smart Lighting

The majority of the burglars do the deed when it is dark to be as hidden as possible. Lighting that has a motion sensor can forewarn you to move around your home. Plus, you can also invest in the low-energy lighting that is automatic to come on at intervals. It will make it look like your house is occupied when you are not even there. It can be an effective barrier.

Don’t Make It Clear When You’re Not At Home 

Discontinue any newspaper or milkman deliveries. Therefore, they don’t stack up the stuff outside your house. You can ask a reliable friend to keep checking your home and receive any mail that accumulates. 

Furthermore, it is best not to advertise your absence on your social media. It includes pictures of you and your family enjoying the pool or posting every detail of your vacation because all of these activities make it obvious that you are not at home.

Upgrade Your Door Locks

Locking your windows and doors may not be sufficient enough if you do not possess high-quality locks. First, you need to make sure all outer doors have a deadbolt. It makes it more complicated for robbers to break in.

While you are at it, be sure your door hinges and frames are adequately strong to overcome an attempted break-in. Besides, exposed hinges or older doors can pose a needless risk. Therefore, as said before, you can update your locks to smart locks that you can connect with remotely and schedule them according to your requirements.

Lock Your Garage

People put plenty of effort into safeguarding their homes but sometimes forget totally about their garages. Unfortunately, a garage can be an easy route to get access into your house. 

First, make sure to lock any regular windows and doors to your garage. Second, keep your garage door’s opener inside the house instead of keeping it in your car. Because from there, anyone can easily steal it. Finally, you also need to lock the internal door from your garage to your residence. In this way, even if someone does get the entry into your garage, they still can’t have access to your home.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, no one wishes to become the target of a house intrusion. Following these few tips that expert locksmiths recommend will help in discouraging burglars. Also, it will help in keeping you and your family safe from these robbers. 

Initially, you can begin with small prevention and go for only a couple of things on this article to focus on. When you have got these down, you can proceed with further tips on the list. Keep in mind that every minor improvement you bring in will assure that your house is that much safer.