A garden building is a superb way to add square footage and value to your property while improving your quality of life. As it’s a separate space away from the hustle and bustle of the home, you can be as creative as you like to ensure it instantly lifts your mood once you step inside.

If you’re considering installing a wooden structure but are unsure how to use it, there are many options that you would be wise to consider. Here are seven cool ideas for a garden building.

  1. A High-Quality Gym

At-home workouts have become increasingly popular among fitness fanatics since the pandemic. A recent US and UK study by SWNS found that 3 in 4 people plan to continue exercising in the privacy of their homes. If you’re one of them, a home gym might be an ideal choice for your needs. Once you’ve erected a garden building in your outside space, you can start transforming it into a professional-looking gym. 

Skip expensive memberships and boost your motivation by installing machines and creating a cool, functional design. For example, introduce high-quality equipment to reach your fitness potential, such as a treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical trainer, and exercise bike that have received great reviews. Also, turn to Gym Floors Direct for premium, long-lasting gym flooring, such as interlocking rubber tiles or mats with anti-slip properties. You can even add flooring to match your specific exercise requirements, such as MMA mats or exercise and yoga mats.

  1. An Office

A 2022 survey found that 58% of its participants could work at home at least one day a week, and another 38% could work at home five days a week. If you are one of the lucky people working remotely one day per week or more, you might love the idea of a cool home office.

A garden building will provide the privacy and tranquillity you will need to scratch tasks off your to-do list, complete projects without distractions, and take virtual calls without worrying about being disturbed by family members.

As garden rooms will welcome a lot of natural sunlight into the space, you might feel happier spending many hours at work. Also, an external building may help you separate your work life from your home life.

  1. A Sleek Bar or Charming Pub

A busy household could make you crave a little escapism. If you’re tired of staring at the same four walls and want a cool, relaxing space to flee to when you feel stressed or want to have fun, transform a garden building into a charming pub or a sophisticated bar.

You and your loved ones will have a sleek place to visit to enjoy a drink, play cards, listen to music, and catch up on each other’s days. You can guarantee your friends and family will be eager to socialize at your home, which will allow you to create many more happy memories with your nearest and dearest.

  1. A Fun Gaming Room

If you love to spend your spare time battling zombies, shooting the enemy, or completing missions, you will never regret creating a gaming room inside a garden building. You will have a dedicated space to play your favorite games in comfort and style. 

Have fun with the interior by decorating the space with your much-loved gaming memorabilia, posters, neon lights, stylish gaming chairs, and snack stations. Your only regret will be not having created the gaming room much sooner.

  1. A Cozy Guest House

Do you struggle for space when loved ones come to visit? Maybe you would feel better if an aging loved one was a stone’s throw away each day and night. If so, install a garden building to create a cozy guest house for one or more family members. 

Create a warm, inviting environment for a loved one by choosing a design with thermal insulation and cladding. Depending on the design, you could even add a bathroom and kitchen to provide a home away from your home.

  1. A Private Hot Tub Area

If you would love to relax in a luxurious hot tub after a long, hard day, but fear your neighbors’ prying eyes, a garden building could be an ideal solution. Once the sun starts to shine or the working day is over, you can retire to your private hot tub to unwind. The warm bubbles will wash away your stresses, and it’s sure to prove a hit with your partner, children, and friends, too. 

However, you must ensure that the garden structure you choose can support the weight of a hot tub, and the building must be well-ventilated to prevent condensation, dampness, and mold from developing.

  1. A Cool Living Space

A garden room could help you create a fun living space for yourself and your loved ones. It’s an opportunity to have a little fun in a lounge area, as you could introduce a home theater system, a large corner sofa for the whole family, and cool decorative accents.

Find ways to add personality, color, and fun into the external living space; you could introduce:

Leave the luxe furniture and accents to your house and have fun with the space to encourage your family and friends to come together more often.


A garden room can improve your quality of life in various ways, from providing a fun place to spend quality time with loved ones to a space dedicated to improving your health and fitness. Think carefully about your wants and needs so you can introduce the best idea into your garden building. 

If you’re torn between options and have the exterior square footage available, you could introduce a wooden building with more than one room to ensure the structure best meets your needs. 

Also, don’t overlook key features when choosing a structure, such as installation, cladding, natural light, and double glazing. It will ensure you look back on your decisions with zero regrets.