People love movies for several different reasons. For some, the stories that a movie tells hit close to home. On the other hand, others just love to watch something that has a good plot for them to enjoy. Then there are the people who love movies because of the art of making one.

When a person decides to make a movie, several elements go into it. First, of course, there’s the process of writing the script and figuring out how to shoot the movie. Then, there’s the actual process of shooting the movie. This entire process is an art that many people admire. However, while some love to watch it all come together on the silver screen, some love to make it come together behind the scenes.

For the people that love making movies–beginner or not–there’s a lot of planning that has to go into the process. After all, each step and component is vital in having everything come together. However, one of the most essential elements one would have to pay attention to would be having the right equipment to shoot that movie.

Without the equipment, there would be no movie. So, it only makes sense that you have to have all the right things when you need them, where you need them. Otherwise, you’d find yourself wasting your time in a shoot location. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that you have everything you need when it comes to equipment. For example, getting a rental company like Expressway Cinema Rentals would be one solution to that problem.

Moviemaking Essentials

When it comes to shooting a movie, several elements need to be present. Without these elements, you wouldn’t be able to do what you’ve set out to do–in this case, make a movie. However, what exactly do you need to shoot a movie? For starters, you’ll need a script. 

Without a script, you’ll essentially be directionless because you wouldn’t know what you’ll be shooting or doing in the first place. Of course, that should already be a given, but once you’ve got the script and planned everything out, there’s still another thing essential to get things going. Not having this means you will literally not be able to shoot a movie. First, you’ll need the moviemaking equipment.

Now, when you talk about moviemaking equipment, there’s an endless list of things that you could use. However, there are still several essential pieces that you’ll need to get to filming. So, with that in mind, what essential pieces of equipment would you need?


When you decide to shoot a movie, one of the essential requirements to carry out that shoot is something to shoot with. So, you’ll need a camera. Without that, you’ll definitely be unable to get any shooting done.

Just as there are as many stars in the sky, there are also many different kinds of cameras. Each type of camera serves a purpose that only it can carry out. For example, a high-speed camera can better capture things going at high speeds than a typical camera. On the other hand, an action camera–think GoPro–is a more compact camera that can get strapped on a person and still take decent footage despite all the movement. These are just two of the several different camera types.

By having the right camera for your shooting needs, you’ll be able to capture the footage you need given a particular setup. That can at least assure you that people will see what you want them to see in the way you want it.

However, you will also need the accompanying equipment, aside from the actual cameras. From stabilizers to booms, you’ll also need the appropriate rigs to put those cameras on. That way, you’re assured that you have a setup that will maximize your camera use.

With cameras alone, there’s already a lot that you need. But, since this is essentially the foundation of your moviemaking, it’s only fitting that you have the appropriate equipment to carry out your shoots.


Of course, cameras aren’t the only essential part of your entire shoot setup. You will also need the appropriate lighting. Otherwise, how else are people supposed to see what they’re supposed to be looking at?

You might typically think of something you need to illuminate the set when you think of lighting. However, while it is true that lighting does help people see things, it’s only one part of the entire element of lighting.

Lighting is also used to help set the desired mood or tone for a specific scene. So, this doesn’t only let people see things, per se, but it also helps them know what you’re supposed to feel in a specific scene. So, having the proper setup is just as important as the cameras as it allows viewers visually picture things the way you want them to. 

Considering that you’re trying to show people your vision, your idea must come out the way it should. While cameras will show your audience something, how things are lit will help them see what you want them to feel about certain scenes. So, with that in mind, you have to give the same attention to your lights as your cameras.


Lights and cameras may be two of the most essential components of a movie set, but there are still some relatively important minor details that you also have to look after on set. A perfect example would be the supplies needed on set.

Things like tents and tables to the walkie talkies are all vital equipment to keep in mind too! For example, walkie talkies help people communicate with one another. By ensuring everyone’s communicating, you’ll be able to have a well-oiled machine of a production going on. That’s important if you want to be as efficient as possible.

Tents and tables are just as important because people will need a place to stay or rest between takes and whatnot. All these little amenities are also crucial because they ensure that people have what they need. You have to remember that the shoot’s people are also as important as the equipment you have. So, it’s essential to take care of them too.


Aside from all those things, there’s also another piece of equipment you’ll need on set. Considering the amount of stuff you’ll need, you must be able to bring those things around to where you need them. Whether it’s from your ingress or to your egress, you’ll need the appropriate logistical means to get things moving. So, you’ll need transportation.

You’ll need something as big as a truck to fit all your moviemaking essentials for your equipment. It’s impractical to carry everything around with the sheer volume of things you’ll have on set. Since sets are all about efficiency, it only makes sense that you also efficiently transport all your supplies around. Hence, the truck.


There’re a lot of aspects that go into making a movie. First, you’ll need a script, actors, and personnel to get things going. However, you’ll also need the necessary equipment to carry out your moviemaking.

Without your cameras, lighting, and what have you, you’ll literally be unable to make your movie. So, it’s only right that you’re well-equipped when the time comes that you want to bring your artistic vision to life. Thankfully, finding all this equipment isn’t so hard to do. All you need is to find a good rental company, and you’ll be good to go!

So, if you’ve got your sights on making a movie and need the equipment to get it done, consider getting the help of a moviemaking equipment rental service. With their help, you’ll have what you need when you need it!