In the world of advancing technology, your web business must cross the limits for its development. The limits can be age, geography, language, and many others. You need to pick the right web hosting service for your online business in order to break such boundaries.

At present, there are various kinds of hosting services running in the market. However, different hosting services limit your business growth in different manners. Here we are going to discuss the Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server in Australia that offers almost negligible limitations while hosting your web business. It renders a chance for its clients to achieve and drive their business goals with utmost ease. But first, let us give you insights into the working of the dedicated server australia.

Intro: Dedicated Server Australia

The dedicated server is built to render the private, independent platform to host web businesses. Unlike a shared server, a dedicated server Australia provides the support of the dedicated resources. All the server web resources, such as CPU, RAM, bandwidth, etc., solely operate for your web business. Thus, your website does not stop functioning due to a lack of resources with dedicated server hosting. Also, no other website or user can intervene in or disturb the operations of your website.

You can have full authority over your australia dedicated server. And, you get the privilege to run your server based on your web business necessities. Moreover, the dedicated server in Australia can be utilized in the following cases-

  • To host your web business independently
  • To run a reseller hosting business
  • To host multiple websites efficiently
  • To host heavy resource-intensive applications
  • To host games and many other things.

What are The Types of Web Hosting, and Which Hosting is Right For You?

The most common forms of hosting servers you can encounter in the industry are – shared, VPS, and dedicated.

In the shared server hosting, you need to share the server space and resources with hundreds or thousands of other users. It is the cheapest option among all the other types of hosting. Moreover, it is suitable for those websites which receive moderate traffic and do not require to run heavy applications.

In VPS hosting, you acquire the virtual and private platform to host your website. You need to share the server space. However, you obtain the dedicated resources for your website. The physical server is divided to form multiple virtual private servers via virtualization technology. And, each VPS gets allotted to the individual user. The VPS hosting is suitable for those who need some privileges of the dedicated server australia but do not want to spend for the entire physical server. It is the most affordable and best alternative choice in place of a dedicated server.

We have already learnt about a dedicated server in Australia in the previous segment. Furthermore, the dedicated server hosting is suitable for those who require the following benefits –

  • Root access of server
  • Right to configure and customize the server
  • High flexibility in a running server
  • High security for the web business
  • Dedicated IP address
  • High speed and maximum uptime

In general, the cheap dedicated server australia costs much more than the other types of hosting. However, you can have the cheapest dedicated server hosting service from the Serverwala hosting company. The company renders the reliable and most effective hosting services without compromising on the low cost. Dive into the subsequent segment to know how Serverwala provides the best-dedicated server australia hosting facilities.

About Serverwala

Serverwala hosting company is famous for its best and cheap dedicated server Australia services. It is the industry-leading and renowned organization of the corporate world. Further, the company renders robust network and enterprise-grade hardware for hosting purposes. Your website can deliver optimal performance with the company’s australia dedicated server hosting.

Moreover, Serverwala does not lag behind in providing sound hardware tools based on the latest technology. As a result, you can become capable of boosting your website’s performance to make your web business successful. Let’s move on to know the features and plans of the company’s dedicated server in Australia.

Features of Serverwala Dedicated Server Australia

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses                        

The dedicated server hosting lets your website acquire a unique IP address. The dedicated IP address helps websites in establishing the sole identity over the web. Consequently, it also becomes easy for web businesses to score better ranking on the search engines. Fortunately, with Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server australia, you will obtain one IPv4 and IPv6 address. Also, you will get the right to purchase more IPs by paying the additional price.

Service Level Agreement

You will get the service level agreement from the Serverwala company. It will provide the guarantee of acquiring excellent hosting services. Moreover, you will also be ensured to achieve a 100% uptime network for your website. With the maximum level of network uptime, your website will be able to achieve a consistent increase in the visitors ratio.

Premium Bandwidth

Your web business will obtain the premium bandwidth with a dedicated server in Australia. The company’s data centers offer the fastest network. Also, your website can acquire a bandwidth range from 100 Mb/s to GBPS. This will enable your website to function at the most reliable and fast speed.

Secure Networking

The company ensures enhanced and secure networking with its australia dedicated server hosting. It will become possible for you to connect your server internally with the private cloud server. Moreover, you will be able to do this without letting external networks interrupt the process.

Value of Money

You can obtain the full value of your money to be spent on a dedicated server in Australia. That is because the company offers the cheapest hosting plans with high-grade services. Thus, your website will have the possibility to optimize its performance with minimal cost. Furthermore, your end-users will not miss the world-class experience by reaching out to your site.

Round-the-clock Customer Support

The company provides round-the-clock support for the users. You can connect with the company’s professionals anytime via your preferred communication channel. They are available on Whatsapp, Phone, Skype, Email, and Live Chat.

Data Encryption

You will get greater security for your website with a dedicated server in Australia. Further, your website will acquire protection through various security measures. These measures will come with DDoS protection, SSL certificate, data encryption, and antiviruses. Moreover, you can ensure no loss of your data through the company’s data backup facilities.

Serverwala Best Plan and Packages of Dedicated Server in Australia

Serverwala hosting company aims to offer the most flexible hosting plans. Each dedicated server hosting Australia plan can be quickly upgraded. You can also scale up resources easily without disturbing the running functions of your website. Moreover, the company renders its 24/7 technical assistance with both managed and unmanaged plans. It has a certified team of professionals who provides instant response and expert solutions. They can be contacted directly in situations of emergency.

Wind Up 

It is recommended that you must pick a managed dedicated server in Australia in two cases. The first is when you and your team are not significantly aware of the technicalities of the server. The second is when you and your team are required to focus on other tasks of your web business instead of managing the server. However, if you wish to control your server on your own, you may pick the unmanaged hosting services. The Serverwala hosting company owns a detailed and informational website. You can browse the site to know more about the company’s best-dedicated server Australia facilities.