If your website is facing issues of higher loading time and lagging then maybe this is the sign that you need to change your hosting server plans.

It’s very essential that your website loads quickly and is efficient for viewers so that they can get a good experience on your website. If that doesn’t happen, you may lose a visitor and hence face huge losses.

You may have been recommended to get a dedicated server to host your website in the USA. Let’s find out why you need a dedicated server, what are the advantages of a dedicated server and which is the best-dedicated server provider in the USA.

Dedicated Server US: Intro

A dedicated server is designed for a specific task such as hosting a resource-intensive web application or a website.

Several companies choose cloud hosting because of its low price. So when you choose a public cloud provider, your website or web application might live on one or more computers to utilize cloud computing.

When you choose a shared server, your website would struggle for resources as they would be shared among every website hosted on the server. Whereas, with a US dedicated server, you would get a dedicated server. You would get the whole server to yourself. This would mean, you would get all the resources to yourself and get better performance and speed for your website.

With a dedicated server usa, you would be less likely to face problems like loading and lag issues. This is because your website would get all the resources it requires.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Server in the USA for Business Website

There are numerous benefits of using a dedicated server for your business website in the USA, some of them are the following:

More Resources

The reason you would want to switch to the dedicated server from your shared server is that your website needs more resources. So having all the resources you would need is one of the benefits you would get from a dedicated server in US.

With a usa dedicated server, you would get all the resources for yourself. So there won’t be any sharing or limitation on the resources. You can use all the resources you want and ensure a better performance for your website.

More Security

If you run a business or an e-commerce website, you would want to protect your data and information at any cost. This may not be possible with a shared server as you would be sharing the server with many other websites. Their owners would have the access to the server and they can be a threat to your website.

With a dedicated server, you would get all servers by yourself, and only you would have access to it. Users will also get a unique IP address which ensures a higher level of security for your website. Also, it would be easy to take required security measures on a dedicated server usa as you would be controlling it.

Higher Speed

Visitors won’t visit your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, so the loading speed plays an important role in your website’s success.

If you use a shared server, then the speed of your website would be low because it would get affected by the performance of other websites. With a usa dedicated server hosting, the performance won’t be affected by shared resources or shared websites, so that would deliver better speed.


The dedicated server in us is more customizable than the shared server. This gives the users more control over the server. They can customize the server as they want and make sure they get everything required by their website.


Not only does the us dedicated server get you more resources, but you can also scale the resources if your website requires them. You can scale up the resources like CPU, extensive network, and disk space. You can also upgrade to a faster and larger server which would be easy to manage the workload on websites and applications.

Serverwala Cloud Data Center: Intro

Serverwala is one of the top web hosting providers in the USA that you can get. The company has been there for a long time now and they have proved themselves worthy of their client’s trust and money over the period.

The company has known to provide many hosting services such as shared server, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, colocation, etc. They are known for their reliability, flexibility, and scalability, so clients have everything they can want in their server.

With Serverwala USA, you would get the best services at a cheap price, so it’s an ideal offer for any website business owner.

Why Choose the Serverwala USA Based Dedicated Server?

As we have said earlier, with Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server usa you would get the best services, here are a few facts that would support our statement:

You Can Choose the Control Panel

Since you would be getting full control over the server, you would need powerful means to control the whole thing. The control panel plays an important role in the management of the server.

With Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server in USA, you would get to choose the control panel from a variety of control panels. This includes Plesk, cPanel, Webuzo for managing your bare metal dedicated server.

Choose Your Operating System

Just like the control panel, you can also choose your preferred operating system as well. You can install any operating system you want without any restrictions. There are several Operating Systems to choose from, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows OS, etc.

Host Unlimited Websites

Serverwala won’t restrict their clients to host several websites on their best dedicated servers us. You can host as many websites and when applications as you want on their server. You should know that the websites hosted on a shared server, reseller and VPS can also be transferred to a dedicated server.

SSH Root Access

You would have full root access with Serverwala’s cheap us dedicated server. This means you will get full control over the server and you would be able to install any software or web application without any restrictions.

No Hidden Fee and No Setup Charges

Serverwala is known for its transparency, so you won’t expect any hidden charges from them. You will only have to pay according to the plan you have selected. They won’t even charge for setting up your account.

You can cancel the server plan without having to pay any cancellation fee.

Higher Security

Serverwala provides the best level of security. They protect against DDoS attacks as the server would automatically detect any malware or spam and protect your website.

Powerful Servers

You would get enterprise-grade hardware from well-known tech companies like Supermicro, Dell, and HP. So you get the best performance and speed for your website.

Why Should Buy a Dedicated Server Hosting in the USA from Serverwala?

With Serverwala you get all the things that your website requires. And they also ensure improved performance, higher reliability, and enhanced security for your website.

Serverwala offers various plans and packages that are affordable and have all the features that you can ask for. So it’s easy to pick a good plan under a budget from Serverwala. You can easily find an offer that suits your needs as well as your finances.


Dedicated servers usa  dhave become a necessity for a growing online business or business website. Serverwala makes sure that the business needs to get everything they need to run their websites efficiently and effectively. Serverwala offers 24/7 customer support for their clients so if they face any inconvenience, they can easily contact the team and get their issues resolved. They offer the best services at an economical price range. Overall you can find a better US-based dedicated server than Serverwala’s.

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