Have you ever fallen into any scam? Do you know where these scams come from? Nowadays, people fall into the trap of so many scams. These scams never look like a scam. They look like normal daily activities but are scams.

Such common scams exist, and a very famous scam these days is the Servedadvanced Scam. This scam is becoming famous in the United States. In this article, you will find out how this scam takes place on your website –ervadvance.com today.

What is serveadvance.com?

There is a common scam on this website. In this case, people ask you to pay money before you enter the world of action. Each entrant takes this money into reserves or any company. This money is never spent on people. Before you fall into the trap, see if you need to deal with them. The Servedadvance Scam is growing day by day.


• Type of website – Online investment site

• Product – To win any game you need to invest some money.

• Payment method – not mentioned

• Company Postal ID – Not listed

• Company telephone number – +1 888 291 5811

• Physical company address – Not stated, but stated that US and District of Columbia applicants are eligible.

• Domain age – 6 months and nine days

Advantages of Servedadvance.com

• The site mentions that persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to spend money on this site.

• According to the Servedadvance scam article, we found the area gained some popularity at just six months old.

• The site works for a short time, but looks good compared to other sites.

Disadvantages of Servedadvance.com

• The website is not present on social media and is not visible to people using social media.

• The site has a shallow Trust Index which means it has not received good traffic and trust. The site appears to be a scam.

• The site has a terrible Alexa ranking which shows that the site is not popular enough to get good traffic.

• The Servedadvance Scamis is real as all factors point directly to the fact that the site is a fraudulent site.

• There is no contact email ID at the specified site. The website did not mention the payment methods which means we cannot see where we have to pay the amount to enter the contest.

• The site claims to provide cashback, which is bogus.

• The site is only six months old, which is not enough to win the trust of your customers.

• Customer feedback is very negative which shows that all customers are very disappointed with the site.

Is Servedadvance Scam?

Yes, the advance given is a scam. People share their experiences and claim it is a scam website. There is no particular point at which we can say that the website and its operation are legal enough. The Alexa ranking is terrible which shows that the area never gained any popularity. The Trust Index is worse, which indicates that the site is untrusted and has not gained people’s trust.

Customers opinion

These customer reviews are very harmful. Almost everyone complains about the operation of the website. This is true Servedadvance scam. The site should not be trusted as it is very harmful and the way it deceives people is terrible. He took money from people up front and never returned it.

Final verdict

Want to spend some money on stocks? Are you looking for websites to help you invest in good stocks? Are you also looking for a place where you can invest some money and win great contests? Never invest in these things without your full knowledge and exposure.

Servadvance.com is not legal at all according to our in-depth research. The Servedadvance scam is real. Which means the site is a scam. The internet is ruled by negative customer feedback about your site. Almost everyone is sad about how the website tricked them and how it made them lose money without getting a cashback.

This site did not provide full contact information, which is also suspicious. How did you like our content? Let us know in the comments section below.