Building a website is more than just graphics and visual appearance, with numerous e-commerce sites linking SEO to the rapid growth of their businesses. This means identifying elements that will help in boosting your rankings, allowing you to attract more traffic to your business. With this in mind, which are some ideal SEO strategies to consider using?

Ensure Your Content Is Easy To Read

Users love content that is useful and easy to read, limiting the likelihood of visitors hitting the back button, a phenomenon that is often known as pogosticking. If more users go back to the search settings to find something better, your rankings will likely drop as this sends the message that your content is not relevant to your visitors. One way to avoid this includes using subheadings and bullets on your website. This helps your content be easier to read, with users likely to identify helpful content within a few minutes.

In addition to this, your visuals will also go a long way in retaining visitors, with a few examples to use being charts, videos, images, and infographics. If you have no expertise to help you pick out the right visuals, experts such as Zgraph can help with this, allowing you to customize your page with your users’ needs in mind.

Prioritize Your Website Speed

Page speed is another essential factor that will boost your website ranking, with the preferable speed being 3 seconds. If you currently have longer loading times, this will significantly impact how various users access your site on mobile phones. With this in mind, consider eliminating pages and 3rd party scripts resulting in delayed speeds. This means looking at scripts like Twitter analytics, Facebook pixels, and application performance analytics from other online sites that you may be using.

Keyword Placement

As the name implies, keyword placement refers to the specific location of your chosen keywords. A good example to start with is placing one keyword in the title tag of your page. After this, you can also put it within the first 100 words of your content. This will make it easily identifiable by Google bots once you publish your website content, allowing you to rank higher than other competitors in your line of work.

Use Related Keywords in Your Content

While you may have a few keywords picked out for your website, it also pays to use other related keywords. This means utilizing synonyms and other words that describe what your company deals with. By doing this, Google algorithms will better understand what your web content is all about, resulting in increased visibility in the long run. To help with this, start by looking up your target keyword. After this, proceed to the bottom of the search results, where you will find other words related to your target keyword.

Utilize Organic CTR

CTR refers to the click-through rate that your content gets, with more clicks being a good indication that your page provides relevant content to your users. One of the most helpful ways to increase your CTR is by using question title tags on your website. You can also include a compelling call to action in your website copy, as this will help visitors understand the next step to take. Additionally, try using relevant hashtags which relate to your content.

The above tips will allow you to not only have better rankings among your competitors but will also allow you to reach out to users who are interested in the services and products that you offer, helping you benefit from more growth in the long run. Consider implementing each to get the most out of your website.