When do you call your website top of the heap? Or best of the best? 

For every digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the ultimate bedrock of success. SEO helps position your website on the first page of search results where you can gain a tremendous number of prospects and opportunities for your website. 

In fact, according to research, websites that rank first grab 36.4% of all clicks which lower ranked websites never receive. 

So, this begs the question, how do you get on top? 

Although there’s no magic, it is possible for your website to soar high and rank on top of search result pages (SERPs). But before we give you some tips to do this, it’s necessary to understand why Google ranking matters. 

Why Rank First on Google?

While Google is the most widely used search engine across the world, it is also the best area for inbound marketers to meet opportunities and turn them into successes. With the right implementation of SEO optimization Toronto, your website won’t take long to outrank your competitors and stay on top of SERPs. 

Ranking first on Google or even in the first pages includes an expanded opportunity for your business. In fact, you get 42% of organic traffic if you ranked first, 11% if you ranked second, and 8% if you ranked third. This allows it to generate more leads and increase the authenticity of your business towards your audience. 

10 Keys to Rank First on Google

Getting a higher ranking on Google is only half the battle. Staying on your rank is equally hard. And your success rests on your SEO. Fortunately, we have 10 keys to help your SEO to make it to the top ten. 

1.         Know the Google Ranking Algorithm 

To set you up for long-term success, it’s imperative to understand the Google algorithm first. Google algorithms constantly change and we only have little knowledge about it. The best you could do is depend on the major Google algorithm updates such as the mobile-first update (2019), mobile-friendly update (2015), pigeon (2014), hummingbird (2013), and penguin (2012). 

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2.         Monitor and Measure SEO Metrics

Next is to track and measure crucial metrics in your website to identify which areas you need to improve on. You can start with how your organic traffic is doing. How many visitors do you have per day? What keywords have sent organic traffic to your site? Is your keyword’s conversion rate increasing? 

3.         Do Keyword Research 

To become effective and rank first on Google, you have to identify the keywords your target audience is using for Google to find your website. Additionally, Adding LSI keywords to your content is a good idea to help Google determine what your site is about and that your content addresses the queries and/or concerns of your audience. 

4.         Improve On-Page SEO 

Now that you have researched what you want to target, it’s high time to perfect your on-page SEO. This includes optimizing your title tags and meta descriptions or creating a sitemap. Improving your on-page SEO with the help of SEO specialist in Hamilton may helps Google find your site more conveniently. 

5.         Secure an Accessible Website

It’s essential to remember that most website traffic today comes from mobile devices. So, if you want to rank well, you need to ensure your site performs well on mobile. Web design companies, whether in Hamilton, Ontario or Seattle, Washington, make absolute sure that their websites are easy to navigate to provide a better customer experience. 

Caption: Google always pays attention to how visitors behave and interact with your site. 

6.         Build Links

Another Google ranking factor is the number of quality and organic inbound links to your site. When Google finds your site has been recommended by third-party entities multiple, it increases your site’s relevance and reliability. 

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7.         Publish High-Quality Content

While it is hard to take action on creating high-quality content, it’s necessary to publish awesome content that people want to share on social media. Google puts your website in a higher rank if there are more backlinks in your site and publishing a king content can help you on this. 

8.         Match Content with Search Intent 

Matching your content with search intent improves your google ranking. The key here is to simply give your searcher exactly what they are looking for. Remember, Google always pays attention to how visitors behave and interact with your site. And if people get what they want from one of your pages, you’re more likely to improve your rankings. 

9.         Reduce Bounce Rates 

Google doesn’t like it when users land on a site and quickly exit it. This signals Google that users aren’t happy with your website. To reduce your bounce rates, you start matching your content with search intent or find a website development company in Toronto or other major cities to help you find areas of your site that need fixing. 

10.       Track and Monitor Results

When you see your website starts to rank higher, you need to keep it that way. But how do you keep tabs on your SEO results? The answer is to track and monitor your organic traffic. If your organic traffic is doing well, your SEO marketing campaign should succeed. 

It doesn’t matter if you have the best working website or an amazing list of relevant content, if you don’t have solid SEO key strategies that rank you top in Google, your site won’t get very far.


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