Send Name to Mars 2021 refers to the names that will be sent to Mars via their rover. NASA is sending the rover to Mars and, if you want, it can also take your name with it. If this is your first time hearing about it, you may still have a chance to get to Mars. The trial started last year.

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About Send Name to Mars 2021

It refers to NASA’s famous mission to send people’s names to the surface of Mars. People and society at large played a vital role in this mission. The name of the rover was also determined by the competition with the participation of the general public. Continue reading to find out how to send your full name if you haven’t signed up in the last year.

More details about this process

• NASA has launched a program where people can send their names to be taken by their rover to Mars.

• This event has gained a lot of popularity as nearly 11 million have chosen to send their name to Mars 2021.

• These names were entered on a chip and probably already reached the surface of Mars via the Perseverance rover.

• The rover has a total of three tokens containing all the names.

• The size of these chips does not exceed the size of the nail.

• These names were written on the chips using electronic bundles, which allowed to write millions of words on one chip.

• NASA says that this method can make inscriptions smaller than a human hair.

• NASA also held an essay competition and decided to name its rover the winning essay title. The accompanying helicopter will be awarded the title of Essay on Second Place.

• The Send Name to Mars 2021 to Mars campaign started in March 2020.

• After completing this competition, the winners were “Perseverance” and “Ingenuity”.

• These typed chips can be easily seen attached to a plate captured by cameras on the rover mast.

• For more information about this rover and the methods used, we advise you to visit the official website, as you will find all the small details there.

• If you have not been able to enter your full name for this rover, you can register for your name to be posted on a future mission on its website.

Final verdict

NASA sent its Perseverance rover to Mars along with Send Name to Mars 2021 records, which contained about 11 million names written on the planet’s surface on three nail-sized chips. All related information is provided above.

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