Top Mistakes That Undermine the Value of Your Solution

Meta: This article offers some tips on how to successfully close a deal when selling HR Solutions software to different HR representatives

Technology has indeed revolutionized the way we access information, and thereby the recruitment management systems have also improved along with these changes. It is also in line with this change that the availability and saleability of HR solutions software have dramatically increased in the last few years. 

However, selling Core HR software still remains a difficult job, especially for those who are not aware of the most common mistakes that undermine the value of the solution that they are trying to sell. This article will provide some tips for those who are currently selling and those who would like to purchase HR softwares. We’ll go into detail and analyze some of the mistakes that HR software sellers fail to recognize. Employee rewards program

What makes it hard to sell HR softwares?

Closing a deal for an HR software purchase is hard not necessarily because it is not useful enough. Sometimes, the issue arise due to lack of information on the purchaser’s side. Let’s admit it, not everyone is properly informed about the value of these HR softwares during these digital times. In this type of situation, the best way to strike the deal is through education. Provide some information about the possible HR obstacles that can be solved by using the services of your product. Her are some examples that you can provide:

  • Recruitment Processing (Applicable HR Solutions: Resume Parsing, Online Employee Assessment Tools, Fundamental Job Analysis)
  • Training for Employees and Developing talents for Leadership (Applicable HR Solutions: Employee Assessments, Leadership Training, Fundamental Job Analysis, Development Counselling)
  • Compensation and Understanding Benefits Packages (Applicable HR solutions: Benefits Administration and Payroll Services)
  • Employee Retention (Applicable HR Solutions: Employee Assessments, Leadership Training, Fundamental Job Analysis, Development Counselling, Rewards Program)

Meanwhile, if you are selling to an upper level HR specialist, it is highly likely that you are facing someone who already made the necessary research to evaluate the needs of their company. They probably have specific services that they want to purchase in mind already. This somehow makes the probability of being able to close a deal at a higher percentage. Your strategy here is to convince the purchaser that you know your product and be ready to provide specific questions that the purchaser may ask.

Top Mistakes that Undermine the Value of Your Solution

  1. Tends to focus on selling the features instead of the solution

As if selling some gadgets that were recently released in the market, one common mistake of HR software sellers is that they are trying to sell the features of the software instead of actually selling the solution that the software can offer. 

Most true when dealing with the upper level HR Specialist, they are already aware of what they needed for their company. They do not need to hear about these cool, added features of your software because they only have one question in mind: will this solution solve our problem or not? Simply making them see that your product is indeed the solution for their dilemma will instantly guarantee you a closed deal.

  1. Getting geeky and techy to look smart and credible

Similar to the first scenario, you don’t want to look like you’re selling the special features of your solution by talking to your confused HR representative about algorithms and system data analytics. Using these technical jargon does not help you explain the credibility of your product especially if you are talking to someone who is not yet familiar with the terms. Remember that you’re selling to someone who is still learning about the potential of using HR softwares for more efficient Human Resource Management. We don’t want to scare them away when they are just starting to open up to the change.

  1. Targeting the representative instead of the Big Boss

When you make your product pitch to an HR manager or specialist, always remember that you are only selling to a representative who will also seek approval from the big bosses after your meeting. The mistake that HR software sellers often commit is that they try to sell to the HR manager, when the final decision is actually in the hands of the company’s CEO. The technique to get away with this is to involve the HR manager in the pitching drama. Act as his or her consultant and patiently make him or her understand everything about your product. Equip him or her with the knowledge so that when she goes back to pitch the product to her boss, it is almost like you are the one calling the shots even from a distance.

  1. Too lazy to call on follow ups.

Remember that every successful operation needs consistent follow ups. Every sales agent knows this. One meeting may not be enough to convince someone to buy from you. You have to make them see your persistence and determination to make the follow up call. Try once, twice, don’t just give up there and be fine with being rejected the first time. Hard work pays off in the end.

Again, the ability to sell is not something that can be easily achieved. Hard work, perseverance and more importantly, product knowledge, are the most basic things that you need to possess to successfully close your deals.