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Sell Old Zari Sarees at the Best Price

Are you trying to sell some of your old saris to someone who likes to collect them? Even if the saree is damaged, Oldzari is here to collect it. This business thrives thanks to the positive and enthusiastic support of its customers. Teams of people are here to collect sarees and pay cash right away based on the type and quality of the sarees.

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Customers frequently complain to Oldzari about how difficult it was to sell their used silk saris for cash before meeting them. And, thanks to their internet service, both current and potential customers can now easily sell their used silk saris for cash, wherever in India, for direct mill price from Kanchipuram.

Everything happens right in front of you. You will receive the total amount credited to your bank account or UPI as soon as you confirm a sale. 

At Oldzari, they offer free quality test reports for your Zari. Moreover, they also share all the details a consumer requires to understand the product they are selling. Without asking any questions, they will return your products to you if you are not happy with the selling price offered for the sarees.

Which Saree Sells at the Highest Price?

A silk saree refers to itself as “pure silk” if it has more zari (Jari). As a result, this often fetches the highest selling price. When sold, pure Banarasi and Kanchipuram silk sarees can fetch higher prices when marketed.

Kanchipuram silk sarees typically get the highest selling price. Pure mulberry silk is used to weave every Kanchipuram silk saree. The weaving style of Kanchipuram silk sarees makes them very different from Banarasi sarees. When you sell a saree, silk doesn’t really add any value to it. All that matters is the genuine zari.

If your saree includes pure Zari in the weaving process, a pure Banarasi saree may sell for more money. Older Banarsi sarees are more valuable because they contain a higher percentage of silver.

The best saris in India are Banarasi Sarees, renowned for their gold and silver brocade or zari, quality silk, and lavish embroidery. 

Pure Mysore Silk Saree, Kanchipuram Silk Saree, Pure Arni Saree, and Banarasi Silk Saree are among the sarees. These typically use Pure Zari and have good selling prices based on Zari value.

Indeed, reliable vintage silk saree buyers are difficult to come by. But, an internet business that treats all clients fairly has been developed. Visit OLDZARI.COM to sell your used/old pure zari sarees for the straight mill rate.