When learning a new language, we are often faced by unlimited choices-be it the courses that offer to makes a native speaker in just under three months in exchange of a hefty fee or free videos on the internet offering to make us the ‘grammar nazi’ of our target language. We often get so confused by the nature of such choices that we procrastinate on the goal itself- learning a new language. In this article we seek to explore what is the best option for you- a self-taught and self-paced program where the curriculum is primarily set by you yourself or a professional online course that in exchange of a fee is a guided program that will help you with not only the most reliable resources but also offer some sort of a guarantee on your learning skill at the end of the program. Most people begin by exploring the internet for free resources, but it is to be noted that the internet is a vast place with an overwhelming number of websites. Therefore, you must proceed with caution and we will supply you with essential tips on how to get it done. For people learning Haitian Creole, an excellent resource is Creole tutors where you can not only Learn Haitian Creole Adjectives from CreoleTutors.com but also learn the entire language in a customised curriculum. To know what is better for you- self-study or online course, read on.

  1. Know Your Objective

For many, language learning is a creative pursuit. For others, it may be necessary to pass an exam or enhance career prospects. For people who are looking to understand a language’s nuances purely for fun or as a hobby- a self-paced, self-taught program does more justice. Such people learn a language for having sheer fun in the process. A self-taught program in this scenario would not only satisfy the individual creatively but also empower them to learn modules that interest them the most. For a person who is looking to move abroad for career prospects, the overall command of the language is necessary even if they do not enjoy the process. In case they do not enjoy the process, it is prudent that they enrol themselves in a language class for added motivation. A Language class may more often than not give you additional information and add depth to your learning which can only be achieved by a good self-learning student.

  1. Know your learning style

For self-starters, motivation is an ever-flowing source where they just tap to get tasks done. They like to plan their language learning sessions in advance and track their progress. This does not mean that they do not require external guidance, it is just that due to their enthusiasm they are most likely to find the best resources available and adjust the curriculum to their liking. If you are the exact opposite of the above, you need to enrol under a guided online/ offline language program. Motivating yourself among several students and a teacher is easier compared to motivating yourself to do the task alone just like you can motivate yourself to Learn Haitian Creole Adjectives from CreoleTutors.com better than if you were to learn it on your own.

  1. Know your progress

If you are one of those people who can make great progress without a teacher and have found good resources on the internet which can provide you with good feedback and correct you on your mistakes, you can opt for the self-study of your target language. Otherwise, an online/ offline guided language learning program is the best for you.