This site covers the basic and necessary information about the warranty plans of recreational vehicles,  motorbikes, and some frequently asked questions by people about select auto protect.

Select auto protect warranties for recreational vehicles

For recreation vehicles there are different plans offered by the company and those are designed according to customer’s need and requirements

  1. Craven protect
  2. Tourer product
  3. Tourer protect plus
  4. Motorhome product
  5. Craven product

 Craven protect would be up to five years and is originally and specifically designed to run along the already existing warranty of the customer so it could cover the body warranty of the vehicle including interior components. It is on you to choose the plan as it will provide you full Peace of Mind that your car will remain in  a good position.

Special benefits

  • It covers mechanical as well as electrical components.
  • It covers glass, plastic panels, and reinforced plastic.
  • Also covers the part which are fitted as original specification but does not include delamination an water ingress.
  • Tourer protect

This protect is for the customer who wants their Craven protect for the large time period or when they exceed the manufacturer warranty.

Special advantages

  • Along with major electrical, mechanical components and part fitted as manufacturers original specification it also includes water ingress for cravens under seven years.
  • Tourer protect plus

It covers everything included in Craven protect and Tourer protect that is why it is called Tourer protect plus.

  • Motorhome protect

This project exists to assist with labor, cost of repair, VITs, and different replacement parts.

Overall benefits of select auto protect recreational warranty

  • With some additional fee you can also get motorhome protect.
  • Day one cover
  • European cover
  • Roadside recovery
  • Unlimited claims
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Contribution towards forward transportation
  • Contribution towards replacement vehicle hire
  • Contribution towards overnight accommodation

 Select auto protect warranties for bikes

The auto protection warranty for customers motorbike includes many aspects and those are followings:

  • Day one covered
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Unlimited claims
  • motorcycle replacement
  • Puncture cover
  • key cover
  • Motorcycling abroad
  • Includes bike MOT test
  • Includes bike protest assist

Frequently asked questions

Question: What do you mean by motorcycle replacement?

It means that select auto product will pay you the cost of replacement motorcycle if the motorcycle is being prepared under the policy.

Question: What do you mean by motorcycling abroad?

By motorcycling abroad it means that you will have 60 days per annum for driving your motorbike in mainland of Europe and Republic of Ireland.

Question: What is the meaning of key recovery?

It means if the owner lose the keys of the vehicles the company will arrange and pay out calls for the customer and even the mileage back to recovery operator’s base.

Questions: What is puncture cover?

If the motorcycle is punctured on the way the company will arrange the transport for the motorcyclist an nearest repairer for the motorcycle.


That’s all about the warranty plans offered by the company for recreational vehicles and motorbike. If this article helped you do appreciate our work.

Good luck!