Are you not a girl who likes to wear fashionable costumes for every possible opportunity? If you are a shopping enthusiast of online clothes, this article is great. Reviews Selbeh Our article will tell you about the online store, which deals with various dresses and other fashionable clothes.

The online store delivers in various fields such as Canada and many more. Read this article to know about your ID cards, competitions and disadvantages.

About Selbeh.

If we visit the official website of the online store, we know that it was incorporated into 2015. The company works as a producer and supplier since its inception. He has his factories in Vietnam and Philippines. Factory companies make clothes for many famous brands.

Selbeh reviews Allows you to know that the company has experienced designers and employees who make and design clothes for millions of women. The Selbeh registration date is August 30, 2020.

Universal in Canada and other regions, the company works as a neutral platform for well-known designers and small brands.

Technical data:

• Website address:

• Address: 6 Prospect Way, near the Royal Oak / Daventry housing estate, Northamptonshire, U.K.

• Contact: 447482875871

• Products: tops, casual dresses, sweaters, cardigans, two-piece dresses, sweatshirts, tees, sweatshirts, etc.

• Free shipping for orders over 79 USD

• Mail shipping takes place 35 business days.

• Express shipping time according to Selbeh reviews: 35 business days

• The cost of final navigation is based on the country or region. There is a Corporation with USPS / FedEx / DHL / UPS.

• Exchange / refund guidelines: Return order is permissible within 30 days of delivery. No acceptance of returned packages that have been delivered to C.O.D. service.

• 10% cancellation fee, if you cancel the order after 24 hours.

• Users can track their order after entering their e-mail identifier and order number.

• It has a Facebook and Instagram page.

Pros of buying from the store

• Offers the most fashionable clothes that are required in the fashion industry.

• According to Selbeh, high-quality clothes for years, winter and springs are available.

• Clothing are offered in several colors, sizes, patterns and matching.

• Inexpensive cabinets for women at various age are available.

• Comfortable and fast shipping.

Cons of buying from the store

• There is no clear mention of payment modes.

• Less recognition on the Internet.

• The shipment is free only under some conditions.

• Complicated mailing policy.

• Lack of review or opinions available on the official website.

• After 24 hours of placing orders, the cancellation fee will apply to buyers.

Is Selbeh Legit for Selbeh reviews?

• Selbeh has its registration as an online store on August 30, 2020.

• The company was determined to work as a contemporary and wonderful fashion supplier.

• There is no good recognition on the Internet.

• Has pages on Facebook and Instagram. There are less activity on social networks,

• There are negligible customer reviews. Only on the one hand, positive feedback was found, which seems to be incorrect.

• The Website Trust Result is not significant.

Customers for reviews Selbeh

Reviews and feedback from customers play a key role in determining the online store or ID card and outlet values. In the case of this store, we did not find specific feedback. There is only one page in which we can read positive reviews, but it seems to be incorrect.

Users appreciated the quality of products and found them as advertised. They also discovered that the site is simple to understand and navigate. Users are delighted with a comfortable experience. But there is no credibility of these reviews, because this is the only website that has been made available.


In Selbeh’s opinion, we find that the site seems to be a suspect, but has a lesser review and recognition on the market. His less popularity makes you doubt his authenticity. It has the presence on social media, but there are fewer supporters and a few actions there. Comments or feedback were not found.

The company has a physical address in U.K. but has factories in the Philippines and Vietnam. The uncertainty of places again raise the issue of your legitimacy in our minds. We suggest safe shopping here.