If one is thinking of selling their home, it may be due to various reasons. Perhaps it is to buy a better one at a more desirable location or if one requires a large sum of money. Whatever be the reason, everyone likes a good deal and wants to make the most out of a sale. Melbourne Home Staging services have been successful in achieving this higher price for homeowners.

Hiring a professional team like Stylebite Staging will benefit the sellers by showcasing their home in the best way. Many may not have heard of this idea of home staging. It is essentially preparing a property or home for sale by showcasing its best assets. Home staging is an impactful decision that can significantly determine the value of a home during selling. It can

  • Impress potential buyers
  • Help them visualise their future in a home
  • Drive up the price
  • Secure the best offer for the owners.

Sellers who stage their home have an edge because not everyone opts for home staging. So taking that extra step can go a long way in boosting the sale.


  • Home staging enables owners to sell their homes in a way that appeals to a potential buyer who will pay the highest price for them.
  • It could be one of the most lucrative endeavours one undertakes, subject to the amount of time and money spent.
  • The living room, bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchen are vital areas of focus while staging a home.
  • Decluttering, cleaning, and replacing old appliances are a few helpful tips while staging a home.


Ideally, staging is more or less visual merchandising. It means that the products being sold are made to appear visually appealing to the buyer, just like using a mannequin to display a statement piece that interests customers. It incorporates the basics of interior design. To flatter the features in a home while not being obvious about doing it.

Staging is not similar to decorating. The latter involves a personal perspective. And the former makes a property attractive to the most number of buyers. It helps the buyers visualise themselves living in those spaces and liking them. It works by hiding the flaws and making optimal use of empty spaces. It can conjure a whole new mood. Stagers call this effect “emotional” staging. By doing this transformation, the home will also look considerably better in photographs.


Homeowners will agree that selling a home is a significant financial dealing. No one likes settling for a lower price or dealing with an extended marketing period than one needs to.

Sellers should realise that potential home buyers are not merely looking for a structure to house them but a way to realise their dream and improve their lifestyle. Staging is about creating an emotional purchase, which the buyer will be willing to pay to obtain.

Hiring a professional team like Melbourne home stagingservices will benefit the sellers by showcasing their home in the best way. No buyer wants to spend too much time fixing the problems of a home they see. For each issue they may spot, they will deduct the cost from the offering price. If there are too many issues with a home, they may completely pass on a home. So if the problems are fixed already, it increases their motivation to purchase that home.

22% of sellers agreed that staging increased their offer prices. 83% of agents in Australia said that this act makes it easier for potential buyers to visualise a home as their own. It is best to seek professional help for preparing a home for sale instead of relying on DIY hacks.