Are you tired of looking at the bland walls around you? Do you feel like the walls are closing in because of the lockdowns? Here’s your chance to breathe new life into your home. 

You don’t need a kitchen to remodel or an insulation upgrade to improve your home. 

Let’s look at a few cherry-picked tips for home improvement that can help make your place look sparkling new. How you feel inside your home is just as important as how it looks. 

Here are five home improvement ideas that you can implement with no fuss.

Picking The Right Paint and Cleaning Carpets

When you select from blues, grays or greens, and whites. You’re picking colors that are classic and can increase the value of your home. Similarly, bright red homes and yellow kitchens were likely to decrease the value of your home. 


Another thing to notice when you’re looking to improve your home is carpeting. Over the time that you’ve spent inside. Your carpet is likely to have collected unmentionable debris. 

It might be worth investing in a cleaning service to have your carpets deep cleaned. This can restore some of the vibrancy of your carpet and increase its life span.

Choosing Wall Decoration 

Removable wall decor can be the canvas on which you showcase your vibrant personality. You can choose mid century modern wall art wall hangings that will give a vibe you will never forget. 

You can choose to decorate with wall decals that contain your favorite quote, a lovely print. Why not indulge in an expansive mural to bring your inner artist to life. These are all ideas that can help your space feel refreshed. 


Finding Good Lighting 

We’ve all heard of upgrading the light fixtures. By choosing different forms of lighting like light scones, table lamps, or upgrading to energy-saving lights. You can look at your space in a whole new light!

At night, exterior lighting gives a property a majestic appearance. Driveway lights, floodlights, and street lamps, on the other hand, provide a safety bonus. That is, they boost visibility and enhance the security of your property.

Refresh Your Bathroom

You can refresh your bathroom in different ways. With the creation of removable adhesives, you can play with both flooring and the walls. Vinyl flooring in other woods is an option to make your flooring look sophisticated.  You can use Kahrs LVT Flooring to give it a premium look.

You can also add a plant to freshen the air in the bathroom. With tiles, peel and stick tiles give you options with color, designs, and textures to suit your every need. 

Replace Windows With Vinyl or Wood

One chance to upgrade your insulation and increase energy savings is installing vinyl to update your windows. 

This can make your space look more appealing and increase the resale value of your home. Wood can lend warmth to your home and add a timeless touch. Which can help increase the value of the home

These were some ideas for home improvement that can keep your space refreshed and energized. 

Single Story Extension

You can also build a single storey extension to your house to extend and improve it with bbcpm in surrey. This will give you more space and add to its value