First impressions are often unforgettable. The first time you meet someone or the first time you visit a new restaurant, it needs to make an impact, right? So why not make the same impact with the exterior of your home? 

Curb appeal is one of the essential characteristics of your property. From your shrub choices to your front door and even your mailbox, it all adds up to the big picture and the feeling you want to get when you pull up into your home, proud. 

There are many ways you can add to your curb appeal without breaking the bank or increasing your home insurance quotes. Let’s welcome you home with a fresh new look. 

Front Porch Living: Adding Some Style and Character

All front porches are not made the same. Homes with more oversized front porches give ample space for full-size furniture, while other homes have minimal front porch space. No matter what your current front porch dimensions might be, there’s an idea for every shape and size.

The front porch should reflect the interior style of your home and should be a space that genuinely adds additional character to the house. There are so many options that can level up the front porch space with little to no effort. 

Get a Welcome Mat

Front door mats don’t only need to be a spot for guests to wipe their shoes. Make this mat say something about your home and its personality. Rugs can be seasonal, holiday-inspired, funny, and even classic. Can’t find one you like? DIY a plain coco mat with a stencil saying and some paint, and don’t be afraid to add some color.

Paint the Front Door

Front doors also don’t need to be boring. A bold-colored door that contrasts with the exterior of the home can serve as a focal point. If your home is white, think black or red for the door. If your home is darker in color, a white or yellow door can grab guests’ attention. Be bold and adventurous with your front door.

The experts at ETO Doors advise that all homeowners take extra care to make their front door as aesthetically pleasing as possible, since this is something that many people fall short on. Of course, it’s always easy to just leave the front door in its original white coloring, but this is a missed opportunity to greatly boost the overall appearance of the front of your home, without breaking the bank. 

Hang a Wreath

Wreaths and door accessories serve importance as well. A new, fresh door handle with a modern feel will give the space a fresh new look. You can add a very simple and elegant wreath that provides the home with a seasonal touch. If space permits, hanging simple and modern lanterns or plants to the side of the front door will provide visual impact.

Buy Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture will make the front porch inviting to not only guests but you. Chairs, benches, and swings all serve a purpose while also adding personality. Outdoor lamps, side tables, pillows, and rugs all bring the colors of the space and outdoors together if your space permits.

Install Pavers

Pavers can change the whole look of your front porch. From the color of the pavers to the way you lay them down, this is not a huge cost and packs a punch when it comes to the look of your home.

3 Landscaping Secrets to Level Up Your Curb Appeal

#1 – Be Selective

Choose plants that will thrive in your climate and that you feel comfortable caring for, as some plants tend to have higher needs than others and will likely take more time to manage. Also, be aware of how big the plant will grow and space out accordingly.

#2 – Texture is Critical

Choose plants with different textures that complement each other. Some plants are bold and spiky in appearance, while others are softer and full. For instance, foxtails go well with jade plants, and the same goes for blue daze and caladiums. 

#3 – Get Creative

Introducing different vessels, unique planters, or miscellaneous items turned into planters will make your front yard stand out from the rest. Think upcycled items like tires, bicycles, or vintage pots. There are so many different creative ways that will bring warmth and life to your otherwise basic planter in your front yard. 


Adding some landscape lighting makes all the difference. Whether solar-powered or hard-wired, adding yard lights to your home showcases the plant selections, stonework, brick, and different floor levels. 

Leave It to the Professionals: What should you pay to have done?

There are many items we can do on our own as homeowners to keep costs down while maintaining the aesthetic of our property. However, some things are better left to contracted professionals to keep yourself and your family safe.

Roofs are expensive to replace and have expiration dates, so you should understand the importance of professional roofing maintenance. Keeping your roof at its highest potential is paramount. You should always have a professional climb to the height of your roof for all maintenance needs, being that they know how to do this most safely.

Pest control is another item that is beneficial to hire out. Home pests can quickly take over and wreak havoc on a home and its contents. These professionals are trained to spot any issues and be proactive in exterminating any known colonies.

Removing pests and preventing infestations are part of your responsibilities as a homeowner, and your homeowners insurance will not cover pest damage.

Until you’re a homeowner, you don’t realize how many windows a home has and how hard it is to wash them. If you have a multi-level home, window washing can be significantly stressful and dangerous. Hiring a professional window company can truly make a difference and leave those windows sparkling clean. 

Give Your Curb a Little TLC: Maintenance To-Do List

There are some items you should consider purchasing as a homeowner that will be useful no matter the home. Essential lawn care items such as shovels, rakes, battery-operated blowers, pressure washers, and a small wheelbarrow will make your life easier when faced with the task of keeping your curb appeal in tip-top shape. 

Think of investing your money and doing the hard labor as an act of love for the home you live in. If you continue to keep up the exterior of your home, it makes it easier to maintain its brilliance. Follow this quick checklist when you plan to do your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly outdoor chores. 

  • Pressure wash all walkways, driveway, front porch, and exterior of the home.
  • Clean the doormat.
  • Change out any porch light bulbs.
  • Wipe down furniture and accessories.
  • Wash your first level windows and screens. 
  • Pull weeds often and prune your shrubs.
  • Re-mulch every 2-3 months.
  • Blow any leaves and debris from the porch area.

Have the Best Home on the Block

Many Americans are spending more time at home now due to working from home. More time at home, often means more motivation for upgrades. Plus, removing the commute from the work day often allows employees to have more time for house projects. 

Maintaining your curb appeal with some basic and simple tasks will show how much you genuinely care for your property. It doesn’t take a ton of money and in most cases, time. You just have to show your home a bit of TLC and be creative while you do.

Your home should bring you happiness, and the more love you put into it, the more pride and investment you get out of it. The neighbors will be envious, your guests will be thrilled, and most importantly, you’ll love coming home.

Carla Hughes writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, She is an interior design expert and has experience in flipping homes.