Flat abs & lean thighs are something most fitness enthusiasts want. As the climate begins to shift to summer’s people tend to divert to sculpted shoulders & arms. Especially women, usually want a strong and sculpted upper body. Most of them don’t bother to work towards their goal because of the fear they might bulk up. They are hesitant to perform exercises because of the same fear.

Acquiring a toned physique is not over-complicated. With dedication & persistence, anybody can have a leaner, sculpted body without bulking up. The most effective way of tightening & toning your upper body without bulking up is performing high repetitions & low weights. However, that depends on your fitness level as well. 

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Start with setting a goal

Clear your mind for whatever physiques you would love to achieve in a certain time. It will keep your motivation high & act as a reminder that why you should do what you’re doing. Make sure you set a realistic goal. It ensures the speedy success of goals. Start your workout routine by weighing yourself and aim for the reductions or gain. 

Build Muscle without Bulking

It is a misconception among people that lifting weights, particularly for your upper body will bulk up, that is something far away from the truth for knowing more about fitness and working out click here. T. Bulking up of the body depends upon the following three things: 

  • Hormones
  • Calories
  • Gym work out

Why weight lifting? 

Lifting heavy weights actively assists in burning body fat and toning arms. It is an ideal solution for anybody who is looking for an aesthetic physique. Even a half-hour in the gym lifting weights for 2-3 days per week is sufficient. For changing your body’s shape & losing fat, lift weights and challenge yourself.

  • Consider doing high reps of moderate intensity. You might experience a little resistance, perform 15 to 20 reps three times of each exercise. 
  • Human muscles require 48 hours of rest to recover & minimize the chance of injury. Make sure you give them. 
  • It is a common misconception among people that lifting the weights will bulk you up. This isn’t true if you consume an appropriate number of calories each day. 
  • You can also do cardio & bodyweight exercises but they aren’t as effective as weightlifting.

Workouts to do 

Reverse Grip Double Arm Row

Start this workout with your legs held together & sit back straight in a partial squat position by engaging your abdominal muscles. Extend your arms at your front by holding the dumbbells at your hip height with both of your palms facing the ceiling. Then draw your elbows back and past the hips smoothly by hugging the side of the body, by engaging your lats & triceps. 

Shoulder Tap Push-Up

Start this exercise by going in a plank in a way that both of your hands are placed directly under your shoulders & feet opened hip-distance apart. Keep your abdominal muscles & legs tight and start lowering the chest toward the floor with the elbows bending & pointing at your back. Then exhale by pushing yourself back up by lengthening your arms in the plank and after that lift the right hand for taping the left shoulder on the top. 

Lateral Raise

Start this exercise in a standing position, with your feet stretched a few inches apart & put your arms straight alongside the body by holding the dumbbells. Make a little bend in your elbow, and lift the arms to your side till they come parallel to the ground, & from that return to the position from where you started. 

Bicep Curl

Start this exercise by standing on your feet stretched hip-distance and your arms extended and make a slight bend in your elbow. Then bring the weights towards your shoulders for completing the bicep curl, and lower it slowly to the position you started. This workout will tone your arm muscles. 

Tricep Extension 

Stand with your feet hip-width apart by holding the dumbbells overhead. Keep the spine straight, long & abdominal muscles tight. Then bend your elbows by lowering the dumbbells at the back of your head. Then make the elbows hugging in facing your head & pointing forward. Extend the arms long and return to the position from where you started.