Are you looking to find fans that are both portable and easy-to-use? Tower Fans can be used as an alternative to regular ceiling fans or air-coolers. They are great for escaping the scorching heat of summer.

Different versions of the product are now available on the market, as Tower fans have caught customers’ attention from all over the United Kingdom. To find out more, please read our Screwfix tower fan reviews to the end.

What’s a Screwfix Tower Fan?

The Xpelair Tower Fan has been launched by Xpelair. This fan is strong and powerful with both lower and upper fan sections. The rotating speed of the bottom section is 90o. To sweep the bottom, the top one can rotate 360o and turn 90o (can manually be set). The user can adjust speed and angle according to their needs.

Oscillation can be used to fix the output of air. It can also be fixed in position to provide targeted cooling. You can also choose from Eco or Sleep mode settings. To learn more about this product, please read our Screwfix tower Fan Reviews.

Specifications for the Screwfix Tower Fan:

  • Brand: Xpelair
  • Product weight is 4.8kg
  • This product comes with a 1-year guarantee
  • Along with 3-speed, Oscillates
  • This product is also available in white.
  • It has a voltage supply range of 230 to 240V and a sound pressure level at 55dB
  • It measures 968mm high, 280mm deep and 280mm wide.
  • Cable length: 1.8m
  • As per Screwfix, the price is PS124.99
  • Only for cooling purposes, not suitable for home or office use. It is a valid point in our screwfix tower fan reviews.

Screwfix Tower Fan:

  • One year warranty on the product
  • This fan is powerful and 38 inches in diameter, with 3-speed operation.
  • A decent sound pressure level at 55dB keeps noise out to a reasonable degree
  • It weighs in at 4.8kg, making it easy to transport.
  • The lower section can rotate up to 90o.
  • You can manually adjust the upper section to 360o and rotate 90o with the bottom.
  • Screwfix Tower Fan Review states that the Runback feature allows the device to shut down after a set period of time.

Screwfix Tower Fan:

  • The fan uses a lot of electricity, which can lead to high electricity bills.
  • Produces a lot of noise
  • Spare parts can be very expensive
  • Customer service is not up to par

Is Screwfix Tower Fans legit?

Only then can we conclude that the product is legit.

  • The fan claims to have a sound pressure of 55dB. However, customers complain that it makes a loud, unpleasant noise.
  • On its official Facebook page, you can view the Screwfix tower Fan Reviews. The page has received 2-4 likes for each post, and very few followers.
  • We searched for reviews about this product from customers, but we found mostly negative feedback. Customers have also complained about the poor customer service.
  • This brand is not available on third-party websites.
  • Brand Popularity-Brand is still not very popular.

We can conclude from the above-mentioned points and reviews on social media that this product is not trustworthy.

What customers have to say about this product: Screwfix Tower Fan Review

To judge whether a product is genuine, customer feedback is essential. Screwfix Tower Fan discovered that this product was available on an e-commerce website, but there were not many reviews.

Many buyers feel that this product is a bad purchase. It takes a lot of time to install. The fan makes a lot noise, etc.

We recommend that buyers verify the authenticity of any product before purchasing.

Final Verdict:

Screwfix Tower Fan Review shows that this brand made an effort to launch a new version of the Tower Fan. We recommend that customers do additional research before buying online due to negative feedback from several customers.