Are you familiar with Scorpion Magic charm‘s attractive features? For a more detailed analysis of the item, and the game, please refer to this article.

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People start asking questions about the supplementary information of a new game as soon as it is released. Today, however, gamers in the United States and Canada as well as the United Kingdom and Australia wait to get the details of a popular game.

In this composition, we will focus on the Elden Ring, which is Scorpion Magic charm. We will also reveal the best ways to get it in the game. Keep reading.

About the Artifact

According to the data, it is one the Elden Ring’s beneficial Talismans. Additionally, talismans allow players to gain specific effects. We realized it was a talisman which looks like a scorpion after examining the threads.

Its purpose is to increase attacking strength and reduce damage. If you are interested in obtaining this item, please read the following paragraph.

How to Gain the Elden Ring Charm Scorpion Charm ?

This item is highly useful and can make players more powerful. People want to get it as soon as possible. If you want to get it, please follow the below instructions.

  • First, you will need to obtain the Fingerslayer Blade. This is an important item that opens treasures and areas. Next, chat with Preceptor Seluvis who directs players to solve this mystery. You can keep the Magic Scorpion Charm after completing these tasks before you submit the blade to Ranni.
  • Scorpion Magic Charm threads states that you can also give the Amber Starlight to Preceptor Seluvis, after he has informed you about your plan.

These methods are helpful in gaining the item. However, if you have questions, please let us know.

Unique Abilities of The Item

We were able to learn more about its capabilities through a thread. Let’s now highlight them.

  • Magic Scorpion Charm is 0.8 oz.
  • It is approximately 500 dollars.
  • After gaining the Fingerslayer Blade, you can’t get it without speaking with Preceptor Seluvis.
  • Elden Ring Magic Scorpion Charmexposed the fact that this item increases about 12% attack power.
  • It can take 10% of its physical damage.

Let’s now move to the next passage, where we will discuss the game in which the Magic Scorpion Charm was used.

In What Game Was This Item Released?

Magic Scorpion Charm can be linked to the action-based game ‘Elden Ring’. These links reveal that the game was developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, and FromSoftware.

The game will take you to Lands Between where you’ll encounter many castles, caves monsters, dragons and more.


This article about Scorpion Magic charm explains the Elden Ring game. We also discussed the earning mechanisms and capabilities of Magic Scorpion Charm.

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