Do you like to buy trendy Techie Gadgets online? Then the article will definitely be interested in their liking towards fashionable gadgets.

This article will enter a site that is specially retail fashionable devices and even cool games for games. Along with this, this article on – reviews also give a detailed analysis of whether the site is justified in terms of purchase or not, because you could notice that scammers are almost everywhere, even in countries such as state states.

Are you curious about this legal section? Hold on the article to the last paragraph, and you will get everything you need to know about this company.

What is Schengenspace?

The company specializes in the e-commerce business. Website sells products related to technology. You can easily get fashionable gadgets and toys for adolescent children.

Are you wondering if Legit or not? Do not worry; The article has a detailed information about all facts that you need to know.

The company sells many products from one portal, such as refrigerators, remotely controlled toys, thermal rifles, etc. You have it well if you think they have a lot of diversity, even in a specific category.


• link-

• Offered products – Laptops, Inspiron, Inverter, Airplane Pilot, PlayStation Pro Set with consoles, Sony Bravia TV, Mini Power Banks, SmartWatches. , Home cinema and much more portable devices.

• Creation date – During the study for reviews, the date of creation of the domain was convinced for April 20, 2020.

• E-mail address –

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• Contact details – not found on the portal.

• Shipping – claims that there are no more than 3-7 business days.

• Return / exchange – over seven days.

• Return of refund – no more than six days.

• Cancellation – not available on the portal.

• Address – The company’s location is not shown.

• The payment method – by credit card, PayPal or debit card payments are accepted.

The advantages of Schengenspace purchases

• They have many products available in a specific portal.

• The portal has fashionable gadgets available.

• The Company claims that a trouble-free refund

• The site is precisely created 11 months ago.


• According to – no one review of the client was found.

• They claim phrases without any problems, but have some eligibility criteria to pick up the product back.

• The company will see you with exceptional cheap offers.

• You will have to pay a certain amount for a return shipment.

• Schengenspace trust speed with a view of fraud.

• The Schengen company has no social popularity among the consumer, in accordance with Alex’s assessments.

• The company has almost no social media presence; No of integral handles on Facebook or Twitter were found.

• The company occupies zero responsibility for links to other companies.

• They do not have the details of the phone number, if necessary.

• They have a separate inquiry form instead of a simple method.

Is Legit or Fraud

The most important important points

• Domain age – the company was created on the Internet on April 20, 2020, almost a year.

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• trust index – SchengenSupace’s confidence evaluation is low; It was just evaluated for 1% confidence to buy from them.

• Plagy content – Schengenspace store page has copied 100% of their content from different websites that later claimed that they are fraud sites.

• Address – portal There are no location data provided by their real production company and even a retail office.

• Contact detail details. They did not provide any details to contact them on the phone, while a reliable website allows you to call in emergency situations.

• Ranking – according to Alex’s ratings, the company has no popularity index.

• Client Reviews – Even a single review is on the Internet.

According to these indicators, Schengenspace seems suspicious; Read more to know about it.

Customer Reviews on Schengenspace

When viewing the site, the most important factor is customer reviews; You can not directly buy products from knowing. Customer opinions appear to some extent goodwill. At the Schengenspace study, even one review was not found; Critics directly rated them as a suspect page.

Final verdict

In the final results of the opinion, the Website is suspected of purchase. Even after considering the case that it was created almost a year ago. The company has a really evil result of trust, no purchase reviews in real life.

The only advice will not be shopping from them. Have you ever dropped to a scandalous side? Comment below!


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