You may be wondering what a MyGov refund scam is and why it is popular over the internet. You have been scammed. We discuss in this post the Mygov email refund policy. Many scams are taking place on the internet, and many people around the world are falling for them every day.

The scam we are referring to is actually happening in Australia. Learn more about Fraud Mygov Refund.

MyGov Scam

Many con artists make quick buck by attempting to profit at the end the fiscal year (EOFY). 2022 is no exception. MailGuard discovered the latest phishing scam. It purports that it is from myGov. You could be hacked to your account details and credit card details.

Scammers regularly make myGov refund hoaxes. Scammers can claim myGov will issue a refund. These tricks can lead you to click on URLs or enter information into a form online. Sometimes, you might be asked to install an attachment.

Scam Mygov Refund in detail –

MailGuard users will have received the scam email. Watch out for emails containing the subject “You have a past due refund from myGov.”

“MyGov – Refund Service” is listed as the sender, and “support(at)informationconsultancyservices(dot)co(dot)uk” is listed as the display address. The sending address on the other hand is a mess, with numbers and characters that have been associated with prior scams. Even the displaying addresses has been altered in Scammygov Refund.

How does the MyGov Refund emails look and read?

The email is artfully designed to look just like the one from myGov. Even though it contains a few spelling errors, the email is convincing enough that it can fool many unsuspecting individuals.

The email reminds the recipient they owe $736.98AUD for refunds. Additionally, they are asked to click on a link to make a quick payment online. Avoid the Fraud Mygov Refund emails and take any appropriate actions against those who sent them.

Final Report on The Topic

Recent scams are worth your attention. Scammers could access your data or harm you firm if only one employee clicks on a negative link or attachment.

Has anyone received this scam email by The MyGov Tell us your story in the comment section below. Share this Refund Scam Mygov post to let others know about the topic.