How many times has it happened that you had a hard time convincing your kid to avoid junk food and eat healthy fruit? Every single mom goes through this challenge as their growing kids (usually from age 7 and above) give their parents a hard time controlling their diet and shaping a disciplined lifestyle.

Thankfully, a 5th grader kid himself has presented a remarkable solution for this problem. After all, only a peer has the ability to convince another friend in their own way. The gesture is towards a very young author who has recently made his debut in the writing and publication world – Adam Musselmani.

An eight-year-old boy from Virginia wrote a fascinating and impactful story, the VIP fruits – based on a story about fruits and veggies. After reading this book, your children will automatically learn the importance of healthy eating, and so they’ll try adopting it.

This delightful read has become a top reader’s choice for its remarkable use of language, creative imagery, and a bit of comic touch to make the readers laugh. This captivating story keeps the readers hooked until they come to an end.

Let’s take an insight into the book, what VIP fruit story is actually about!

VIP FruitsStory about the Fruits and Vegetables

 A complete imaginative and colorful book about the battle between fruits and vegetables, as the subtitle, says “And the battle of the fruits begin!” 

This worth reading book not only highlights the importance of a healthy diet, but also sheds light on the notion of unity. Adam aims to make young readers realize the power of unity, and learn how working together can eventually lead to a positive end.

The Story Outline –Book Plot!

The story begins with an angry group of vegetables who got tired of getting cold in the freezer and wished to be in place of fruits (the bowl of fruits) resting on the kitchen counter. One day, the character, King Hector (portrayed as a carrot), finally planned to kick the fruits out from their bowl. 

This is the climax of the story where the battle of the fruits begins, but it turns into a twist when both fruits (banana) and veggies (carrot) become a team to combat against their enemy. The book concludes with a happy ending, where all the characters finally get in.

Use of Language to Support the Story

The author has made perfect use of imagination to convey a message for all kids, how important it is to stand together and fight against bullying. With his incredible use of language and creative imagery, the author has also conveyed a message for growing kids, how fruits and vegetables are essential to your health.

The VIP Fruits is an action-packed book that revolves around food. On the other hand, the book genre falls under the category of children’s comics. The way in which the young author has put life into fruits and vegetables, this might make kids attracted towards bananas and carrots, as they get inclined towards something they watch on screen.

Besides, the classic illustrations further complement this brilliantly written story about fruits and vegetables, a top recommended children’s book.

Author’s Purpose to Write a Book

Regarding the increasing hunger ratio in massive people due to poverty and lack of resources, Adam’s objective is to end world hunger. He aims to improve the ratio of nutrition among kids and their families. To get your first copy in the Kindle version of VIP Fruits, visit today at the author’s website, the VIP Fruits. You’ll get the best read ever!