What do you know of the book Satanic Verses After Salman Rushdie’s stabbing in New York City, the book once again makes headlines. The incident again is a stab at Rushdie as well as freedom of expression.

Many readers already condemn the attack in India & Canada. Salman was already in ventilation and is currently receiving further treatment by the medical team. We will need to investigate and verify the existence of Satanic Verses Wikipedia.

What do you know of Satanic Verses

It’s a novel by Salman Rushdie. The book contains some fascinating facts.

Rushdie had written it as his fourth novel. The book was actually published by Rushdie in 1988. The book has been a major source of controversy. The Islam prophet Muhammad was the basis of the book. They focus on an analysis of Muhammad’s life through some accounts.

The Saatanic Verses

Satanic verses include members of “Quranic,” and three pagan goddesses: AL-Uzza Manat, Allat and Manat. The term Satanic Verses was also used to refer to the “Satanic Suggestion” within Islam. Rushdie illustrated the focus on these goddesses within the context of Islamic culture thought and discourse. Rushdie’s depiction of these goddesses in the light of Islamic culture, thought and discourse sparked anger from all levels among Islamic religious leaders.

Many Islamic states have declared war on Rushdie. Rushdie also faced numerous life-threatening threats in United Kingdom. Some Muslim extremists sanctioned this ban and threatened the lives of Rushdie for writing this book.

Satanic verses Wiki The Most Recent Update

Salman Rushdie was recently in the United States for a public meeting on artist freedom. Rushdie was giving a lecture to the audience. Then, a twenty four-year-old attacker rushed to Rushdie’s aid and stabbed him in the back. Later, the attacker was captured by police. Hadi Matar is the attacker.

Hadi, a New Jersey resident, entered the program with a guest card. Rushdie was then taken by the rescue crew and health team to the nearest hospital. Although the medical team has performed the surgery, Rushdie remains in ventilation and is fighting for his life with Satanic Verses Wiki.

Why is the News Trending

Many people were shocked at the terrible incident. Many have already commented via social media. Many have claimed that it is an attack upon freedom of speech. Millions of people oppose Islamic radicalism. Many of the most well-known media outlets also published the news in deep respect for Salman Rushdie.


According to the most recent update, the writer’s health is still very critical. His condition is still being closely monitored by his medical team. Many people are seeking information on Satanic Verses WIKI to help them in their search for answers.

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