Are you aware of yesterday’s fiery accident in Los Angles Would you like an update on the news? All United States citizens who have heard about this news want to know what caused the crash.

Don’t worry; we’re always up-to-date with all the latest news. There are many Santa Monica Run incidents; however, yesterday’s tragedy was devastating and terrifying. Let’s examine it.

What is the most recent news regarding the accident?

The unpredictable nature of the incident and the mess around it can lead to fatalities and casualties changing many times. In yesterday’s instance, the same happened.

Yesterday’s accident happened around 1:30 pm local time. A Mercedes carrying a couple was traveling south on La Brea. Initial estimates were that there would be five deaths. Later, six of the victims were confirmed to have died at a press conference. Santa Monica Accident Reports says a woman who was pregnant, three others, an infant and one unborn child were killed in a fire that followed a crash.

What’s happened in La Brea Thursday?

Fast heading La Brea in a car, almost eight miles from Santa Monica. A car blew a red signal and smashed several vehicles at Slauson Avenue around 1:30. The wrecked cars continue to skid through the junction, and the fire quickly breaks out. However, they finally come to an abrupt halt in front the gas station. Los Angeles County Fire Department units were summoned around 1:40 PM. Nearly nine people were seriously injured and multiple cars were damaged in the Santa Monica Hit and Run Incident.

Surveillance video:

A nearby business recorded the incident. A high-speed Mercedes traveling west, hitting a red light at intersection and colliding with a sedan. Three other automobiles and Mercedes burst in flames following the incident.


Investigators are investigating the cause of this collision. The investigator stated that the driver of the collision was a nearly 40-year-old woman who was admitted to hospital in a moderate condition. The reason for the speed is still unknown. The area was still closed in the aftermath of the Santa Monica Hit and Run incident.

How were eyewitnesses able to describe the incident?

Many claimed that they heard a loud, pulsating sound that was followed by fire or an electric spark. The sky was filled with thick plumes and smoke before the fire fighters arrived. One witness claimed it was like a bomb went off nearby.

It’s sad to see people caught on fire. We should pray for them. The worst thing is to watch a baby run from the intersection to the ground. Although we couldn’t save him, another person was able to.


A fatal and fiery Santa Monica Hit and Runaccident happened just 8 miles from it. Sixteen people, including three new-borns, unborn babies, and pregnant women, were among the victims.

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