Are you aware of the horrible incident that occurred in Texas yesterday? Do you want to know more? The shooting incident at the elementary school rattled the Canada residents and schools, Texas, as well other parts of United States.

There are many questions regarding school security, government response, and other issues. Let us now discuss what happened at Texas elementary school yesterday and why people remind Sandy Hook Secondary 2022.

What has happened yesterday?

UVALDE Texas: Tuesday saw at least 19 children killed when a gunman opened fire in a Texas school. According to authorities, two other adults were present as well, including a teacher. An 18 year old gunman moved between classrooms in an attempt to shoot. It is the fourth school shooting in a row, and the latest tragic moment for a country already traumatized after a string of atrocities.

Law enforcement was able to stop the assailant, and he later died. These innocent lives will not be retaken. Yesterday’s incident reminded me of 2012.

What did Sandy Hook Elementary School do in December 2012?

Sandy Elementary School was shot to death by a gunman at Newtown, Connecticut in 2012. The shooting killed 20 first-graders and six teachers on duty. After the shooting, the gunman committed suicide. It was the second most deadly shooting in American History. The Virginia Tech University shooting spree was the first.

Other mass-shooting incidents:

It is not the second or third time innocents have lost their lives. This type of mass shooting has happened in the US many times before.

  • People still think of the Sandy Hook elementary 2022massacre in 2012.
  • New Mexico High School incident happened in December 2017.
  • 61 people were killed in Las Vegas Concert shootings in 2017.
  • Pulse Orlando Nightclub shooting June 2016.
  • Stoneman Douglas High Schools was attacked by gunfire in February 2018, killing 17 persons and injuring 17 more.
  • Open fire at Marshall County Secondary School in Kentucky, Jan 2018.
  • The incident at Saugus high school in 2019.

Aftermath Texas Elementary school:

The shooting began at 11:30 AM when a gunman entered into the building. Similar to the incident that took place ten years ago at Sandy Hook Primary 2022 Texas Elementary School

A bullet sound is heard by nearby residents. Border Patrol agents, as well as counter-terrorism force personnel, rushed to the school. Many injured were taken to Uvalde Memorial Hospital immediately. The school was surrounded by chaos and screaming children.

Biden, the President, delivered an emotional address to America on Tuesday night after the tragic shooting in Uvalde. He stated that while we have not fully dealt with Sandy Hook’s incident, over 900 other incidents have been reported. He also said we are tired hearing about such incidents. It is time to do something.


Sandy Hook School 2022is what you have been discussing because of the heart-wrenching Texas incident that took place yesterday. We hope the government takes swift action to end the arm law and allow its purchase and use.

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