Salesforce’s most well-known product, Sales Cloud, was released in 2009 and is still the first. This software was offered as a service by Salesforce before it moved to tools for marketing, commerce, customer service and IT.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud? It is a CRM tool for customer and lead organizations that has been enhanced to include territory management and sales automation.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Benefits

Salesforce is a popular choice for many reasons.

  • Convenience. It’s cross-platform, so reps, leads and all other users can access the tool from any location.
  • It allows reps to sell more. Salesforce Cloud Salesforce reports will help Salesforce teams close more deals and increase productivity by 44%.
  • Choose your adventure. Salesforce Sales Cloud can be used by itself or in combination with other Salesforce apps to support an entire organization.

Salesforce Sales Cloud benefits are dependent on the version of Salesforce and the needs of your business.

Salesforce Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud

Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud sound very similar in fairness. It’s easy to mix them up. Let’s first make sure we understand the product before we dive in!

Sales Cloud is the app for you if you are looking to grow your sales and focus on leads.

The Service Cloud module is focused on customer service and case management. It includes features that allow customers to self-service and manage their cases.

Both apps are excellent, but today’s focus is on Sales.

Sales Cloud Features

Let’s move on to the main act! This is what you need to know about Salesforce’s Sales Cloud features.


You can create, save and edit leads information. Then track leads until they are closed. Other features allow teams to optimize their marketing campaigns and make better decisions.

Contacts and accounts management

A comprehensive overview of your customers, including their history, activity, key contacts, communications, and communications. Open source insights are available through social media channels within Salesforce.

Opportunity Management

You can view a list of team deals, including the stage, products and quotes. This allows salespeople to stay informed about team events and sellers to stay connected with the information they need to close a sale.

Forecast and Pipeline Management

It gives you real-time insight into forecasts, and allows you to make adjustments as necessary to ensure the pipeline’s health. It filters deals to highlight promising deals and uses AI to guide reps.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Cloud is a unique version that’s available to financial service companies. The Financial Services Cloud format was created to meet the needs of lenders, banks, wealth management firms, insurers, and lenders. It features features like a native Financial Account object that has predefined values for various types of financial accounts, and financial service-specific Action plans.