France is an amazing destination for a lot of tourists and a lot of people dream about going to France for visiting the beautiful cities and enjoy the great french food. Many young people choose Matokeo ya Kidato cha Pili 2022 to go to an university and study in France. They do this because they find that this country has better prepared teachers and more popular universities that suit their needs in a better way. Some of them feel the need of a change and this is why they choose to switch their educational background and get to know another type of educative institutions. I myself have chosen to do my Erasmus in France, as I was studying French and German Translation at the university. And I am really happy of the decision I took, because that study stage in France has thought me a lot about myself and about the others. I had to learn being responsible for what I do daily, I learned to better cook and to make my daily to do lists so I can be productive and get to do all what needs to be done. But my experience has been so precious and it thought me a lot about the French culture which I love. But what I wish I knew before I start planning my trip to France? Maybe I did not know all of these things before I go to France, but I surely learned to adapt on the way. Following my experience, here’s what I want to share with all students who are going to study in France. 

Don’t take safety for granted

If you want to stay safe, you need to fight for that. Your security depends very much on your habits and you can decide if you let yourself be fooled or if you act with determination to keep yourself safe. A strategy that is nowadays very used for fooling people is the scamming by phone strategy. Callers choose to tell people that there’s an emergency they can help to by giving money or personal information via phone. They pretend someone from the family needs help and make you believe you need to help. But never answer unknown numbers. This is what you need to keep in mind. You need to check any unknown number on the Annuaire inversé specifically created for helping you to avoid being scammed by bad intentioned people. 

Have a place to stay and easily find your way to that 

If you’re in a new city, you’ll need to learn your way home so you don’t get lost. Regarding your accomodation, there’s something you should know, namely that students and young people have the right to get some money back for the rent they pay. You’ll just need to make sure you apply for your CAF, cause this is how this initiative is called, and take advantage of this great opportunity you have. 

Discover the culture – Travel as much as possible

When you’re in France, you need to take advantage of each possibility you have to travel to new places and to get to know the country and its specificity. Have a map on hand while traveling, so you know how to get to your hotel or bus stations while traveling, according to your needs. 

Live the French way

Now at the end, what we advise you to do is to enjoy the French vibes: live cozy, the elegant and simple way: with morning baguette and coffee, peaceful music of Edith Piaf and the French city streets vibe. Profite bien !