Since 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic continues to grip the world. The spread of the disease has not been stopped and has continued to rise around the world. Research has shown that the number of viruses that are rapidly evolving in the United States has increased.

Thus, government agencies and the department of health are putting every effort into implementing precautionary methods that protect the citizens. is one of these websites that redirects you to another website with information about safety norms.

Let’s verify

What Is

Safer covid, according to research, is a platform that has been funded and supported by National Institutes of Health. It is supported here by research done by the NIH, CDC, as well other institutions that utilize their scientific power to manage the pandemic’s increasing risk.

After researching the website, it revealed a wide range of information on how to conduct your covid testing at home. We will discuss whether is legit, or a scam website.

  • It has to be noted that the website redirects to
  • CareEvolution presented the United States with a safer covid site, according to their research. It is America’s leading hospital system, and offers health plans for more than 130,000,000 Americans.
  • Their MyDataHelps application is available on iOS, Android, Web, and iOS. You can quickly get your COVID-19 screening completed within minutes. It’s also recommended as a Return–to-Work Screening tool.
  • Its SAFER COVID Personal Assessment Tool helps to manage the pandemic risk

Is Legit or Scam?

We chose to analyze some parameters in the next sections to prove its legitimacy. This section should be read carefully.

  • Trust Score, Rank and Score: The trust score for this website is 78%. It also has a trust rank at 50.8/100.
  • Domain Date: The website domain has been created two years earlier, on 18 June 2020.
  • Domain Expiry In addition, the domain expires at 18 June 2023.
  • Review: However, there are not any customer reviews about this website.

You should note that all the information was sourced from websites and the internet. It seems to be Legit. We advise that users conduct thorough research on their individual ends before using the service and to be cautious of any lookalike websites.

Final Conclusion

National Institutes of Health and CareEvolution have funded the website. It has a trust score of 78%. The domain was also established long ago. gives citizens information about MyDataHelps. This app can be used for immediate screening at work, or at any other place. It’s a quick overview of an app that experts developed to stop the spread of the pandemic.

We have also extracted information from internet sources and the website.

Do you have any experience with the app? Do you have additional information? If so, please leave your feedback and thoughts in the comment section. It will be of benefit to other users and future users.