Would you like to donate money to save people in difficulty from this pandemic situation? If so, read our article to the end on Safeplacetosleep.org Reviews. It is a digital platform that collects money through several means to help people who are struggling to have clothing, food, medical facilities, and safety.

In the United States, the coronavirus has severely affected people’s lives due to which many people do not even have a safe place to sleep. With these crises in mind, a few people have planned to help those in need by raising money through donations.

In today’s article, let’s learn about the authenticity of this digital platform, which claims to help homeless children, men and women.

What is Safeplacetosleep.org?

According to Safeplacetosleep.org Reviews, it is a platform that tries to protect the homeless from the traumatic impact of Covid-19. Millions of children, men and women are suffering on the streets of the United States due to lack of food, winter clothing, shelter and medical care. Therefore, the “house of the covenant” came to help them.

Covenant House is a 501 (c) (3) registered non-profit organization. This NGO aims to protect the homeless from the devastating impact of the coronavirus. They provide housing and support services by raising funds through donations.

Later in this article, we will answer questions such as Is Safeplacetosleep.org legit or a scam website? So stay tuned with us until the end.

Website Specifications-

• Website Type: This is a digital platform where people can donate money to protect the homeless in the United States.

• Website link – http://safeplacetosleep.org/

• Refund: once the amount of the donation is transferred, safeplacetosleep.org will not refund it.

• Company details – Email: [email protected]

• Telephone number: 1 (800) 388-3888

• Office address – Eighth Avenue-461, New York-10001. (The Covenant Houses are located in various cities in Canada, Latin America and the United States).

• Method of payment for donations: People can transfer the donation amount through credit and debit cards, with a bank account and through PayPal.

• Customer Reviews – Many positive reviews of Safeplacetosleep.org are available on the Internet.

• Website age – 05-08-2019.

Benefits of Safeplacetosleep.org-

• They do a great charity job for all the homeless and runaway children.

• Safeplacetosleep.org is a secure website because it uses an HTTPS connection and has SSL certification; therefore, the details you share for donating money are safe and secure.

• Covenant House is on the list of reputable charities.

• Safeplacetosleep.org has a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

• The staff of Safeplacetosleep.org are dedicated and compassionate in helping homeless children, men and women.

Disadvantages of Safeplacetosleep.org-

Let’s explore the downsides of the website to find out Is Safeplacetosleep.org Legit or a Scam.

• The minimum donation amount is $ 19.

• Management lacks consideration for employees and is only concerned with fundraising.

Is Safeplacetosleep.org legit or a scam website?

To learn about the legitimacy of the website, we explored many checkpoints that play a critical role in determining the authenticity of NGOs. And in our effort, we discovered that the Safeplacetosleep.org link redirects users to the official Covenant House page.

All information relating to the donation is directly indicated. On top of that, he made it clear the purpose for which the fund was raised. All of these points lead us to believe that Safeplacetosleep.org is a legitimate website.

Safeplacetosleep.org Reviews

In our effort to find customer reviews, we have visited many reliable sites on the Internet. We have found that most reviews are positive when people say they are working for a worthy cause.

A verified reviewer said Kevin Ryan, CEO of Covenant House, is a father, husband and lawyer by profession. Therefore, he has a good understanding of the situation of homeless people and children on the run.

Another reviewer said they were doing a fabulous job in this crisis; Hats off to the staff who work day and night behind Safeplacetosleep.org to provide hygienic food and a safe place to sleep for the homeless.

Final verdict according to “Safeplacetosleep.org Reviews”

Based on the points uncovered in our research, we conclude that Safeplacetosleep.org is a genuine website and a safe place to donate money. So you can help homeless and runaway children through this website as they are associated with the Covenant House, which has been helping people in need for many years.

If you’ve donated money through this digital platform before, share your experience with us in the comments section below.