As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to hit the world, we are left with no choice but to stay at the comfort of our own homes. (And that is if you are lucky enough!)

Don’t worry, we know that you might be feeling a little bored or left with nothing else to do but to stare at your computer, laptop, or phone screens.

We also understand that different people may have different ways on how they keep themselves sane. For us, pranksters at heart, we might think that because of whatever is happening right now.

we are left with very limited opportunities to do the thing we love the most: pranking, but that certainly is not the case!

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If you’re looking for the right time and opportunity to pull a prank to anyone with you at home, you are in luck because we are telling you: THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. As the great Master Pranker from the Pranking University once said, you just have to be creative! (Yes, we absolutely made him up.) Being stuck at home does not necessarily mean that you should retire from being the prankster that you are. You just have to remember these three C’s: creativity, collaboration, and consideration. These three C’s are effective things to consider especially when you are on a prankster’s block–you know, kind of like a writer’s block, but for pranksters.


Always keep this at the back of your mind: good pranksters make the most of whatever resources they have. They don’t worry about only having to use a used tissue roll to prank their victim if that’s the only thing left to utilize. Give them a piece of newspaper and they already know what they can do with it to play any safe and harmless piece of prank to his or her siblings. If they only have their smartphones with them, they know what’s the best thing to do with it. You get what we’re talking about.


Another important quality of a good and effective prankster is knowing that some pranks require a collaborative effort. A true prankster knows how to motivate, or better yet, recruit other people to become playful like themselves. They also believe that some pranks require a collaborative or team effort to be able to successfully pull it off. So whenever you feel like your prank idea needs a helping hand to succeed, never hesitate to make someone from your home an accomplice!

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One of the most important qualities a prankster should have is caution and consideration. As much as we want you to triumphantly pull your prank idea off, we also want you to be considerate and cautious of whatever you are about to do. A prankster takes note of the environment he’s currently in. Is this place fit for me to pull a safe and harmless prank? Will it be better if I pull this prank off in a different scenario? A good prankster also takes into consideration the time of pranking. Is this the right time to do this prank? Are my victims in a pranking mood? Lastly, if you want to become everybody’s favorite, you should take into consideration whether or not the prank you are planning to execute is fun but harmless at the same time. Again: plan. your. pranks.

Now that we’ve given you some of our *secrets* to become the greatest prankster in your household, we think it’s time YOU return the favor and try and do these prank suggestions. Let’s get onto our list of top safe and harmless pranks to do at homes, shall we?

Prank Call

Nothing beats a good old prank call, especially when you are stuck with limited resources at home. One pro-tip we can give you to save the hassle of thinking of prank call ideas is to try automated prank calling applications available from your favorite app stores. Good thing is our good friends at Ownage Pranks have something like this! They make it seem like your victims are talking to real humans through speech recognition technology with silence detection, real time analysis, and AI response. HOW COOL IS THAT?

One prank call idea we can give you is to give these scammer numbers to call a shot. Why is this safe and harmless, you ask? It is because we are giving these scammers a taste of their own medicine since these numbers usually pose as collection officials and scam people to hand over cash. We don’t want people like them around here!

TV Pranks

Most of us probably have a smart TV in our homes. The latest kinds of televisions that are available at the market at the moment offer a handful of features available for a prankster like you to utilize. If you know the right buttons and features to use, an effective prank is already at the palm of your hands. 

One prank idea you can do with your television is to prank your mom or dad that you or your little sibling accidentally hit the screen and now it’s cracked! To pull this prank off, you simply need to load any broken TV screen video available on YouTube and just pull a straight face in front of your parents. 

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Another thing you can do with it is to lock and set your television’s control to parental controls. This will surely annoy the next person who will use the TV since they will only be limited to watch only preschool or kids television shows. Remember: a good prank does not require a lot of effort.

Laptop Pranks

Your television is not the only prank medium available at your home for you to utilize. Most of you probably already know this at this point but your laptops are packed with features a prankster like you can play around. 

If you have a Bluetooth mouse lying around at your home. You may use it to prank your siblings into thinking that their laptop is possessed by an evil ghost. Simply connect your Bluetooth mouse to your victim’s device and bring your mouse from afar and use it to move the laptop’s cursor. 

If you don’t have a Bluetooth mouse and just have the traditional wired mouse, don’t worry, you can still use it to pull a prank! To do this, you just have to block the mouse’s sensor with something and the next time someone uses the laptop,  it will definitely take them a minute or two to figure out why the cursor isn’t working. Oh, are you by chance looking for the best gaming mouse you can buy right now? Check some of our best picks here!

Bathroom Pranks

Last on our list of safe and harmless pranks to do at home is nothing but classic bathroom pranks! You probably know this by now but there are a LOT of prank ideas you can execute at your home’s poop dump, shower center, or whatever name you want to call your bathroom. 

On top of our list of favorite bathroom pranks to execute is the crowd-favorite Slippery Soap prank. To do this, you simply have to coat the soap in your bathroom with clear nail polish so it won’t bubble and lather the next alltimes someone from your family uses it. Genius, indeed.

And that was the end of our list of safe and effective pranks you can do at home. We hope you can try and pull these pranks off because we definitely know that they will make you an instant hit. Happy pranking!


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