Nowadays, people don’t spend their time at home , doing nothing. nowadays, people get off their couches and engage in exciting activities like playing outdoor sports, making furniture or go camping, invite friends and family. To be able to perform any activity, you require proper equipment and tools. At Ruvneh online store, you can obtain all the tools you require.

Furthermore, many people from The United States are eager to read Ruvneh reviews to find out the reality of the store.

What is Ruvneh Com?

Ruvneh com is a B2C online site that claims to sell various categories of sports as well as household goods. The site was approved within the United States because of this reason and claims to provide its items at the best price.

Presently, the website is having the Black Friday sale where shoppers can enjoy up to 70% off the most popular items, such as the table saw extension cord and fire pit table portable PowerStation and many more.

The site also has water and outdoor products including mountain bikes, kayaks, trackers inflatable rafting vessels, and so on. Along with these products available on the site. The site also has household appliances also, like microwaves, sewing machines and treadmills. However, the website sells all of the items at inflated prices, which make us think twice about buying them.

If you want to know more about the matter You should read the website. Is it legit or a fraud?

T. has mentioned T&C of Ruvneh’s com

  • Website URL-
  • Address of the company: 9020 W Chicago Road, Michigan 49227, US
  • Domain verification date-29/08/2021
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Contact numbernot revealed
  • Shipping fee is free, but transportation fees are charged.
  • The delivery time is 7 to 12 working days
  • The policy on return of items is within 30 days of purchase
  • Refund policy of the item- not defined
  • Payment method: MasterCard Paypal, MasterCard, DISCOVER, American Express, and VISA
  • Links to social media sites- not given
  • Items for water sports outdoors, household items, everyday items
  • Newsletter- mentioned

If you’re seeking actual reviews from reviews from customers of Reviews Keep an eye in this blog post.

Pros and cons of

  • The site is SSL secure.
  • It does not take any shipping costs.
  • It is traded in multiple categories of items.
  • It’s time to shop! Black Friday sale is on.
  • The presence of a domain-based email ID is a good indication.

Cons of

  • The site doesn’t have any comments or ratings from shoppers on it.
  • It’s not able to provide reliable social media sites.
  • It doesn’t hold all contact information.

Is Ruvneh com Legit?

It is vital to go through the entire record prior to trusting any newly-established site as the web is full of scam websites. So, we recommend that buyers to read the tips and tricks provided prior to making Ruvneh online store their primary shop of choice.

These are legitimate judgement checks.

  • Domain creation date: the domain’s name was registered in the last few months, which was on the 29th of August 2021.
  • Domain expiration date – the domain for the online store will expire on the 29th of August 2022.
  • Reviews from ShoppersThere are no Shopper’s reviews published on this official website.
  • Alexa rank- according to these sources aren’t any Alexa rank reports that are mentioned.
  • Trust score- beware , as the trust score of the website is very low, i.e. 1percent.
  • Trust rank – the Ruvneh index rank for com is 38.7 percent.
  • The information that is uploaded has been deemed to be of good quality and is copied from other websites.
  • Links to social media- the website isn’t listed at any particular social media handle.
  • Address origin – The referenced office address is false.
  • Afflicted with a shady money-saving offer The website offers 70 percent off.

Shoppers’ Ruvneh com Reviews

According to the site’s information there isn’t a feedback section on the site that is authorized. However, in different sources available, the experts have discovered negative comments where the user has stated that the website is fraudulent.

The Concluding Thoughts

Ruvneh com store Ruvneh com store claims to sell expensive items like fire pits, kayaks, etc. and at a price that is way too high. In addition, the site has also received negative reviews on the internet. It is therefore advised to wait for genuine reviews are available.