Living a healthy life means consuming a healthy diet, being stress-free, and regularly exercising. You may say that all three are tightly connected. If you eat unhealthy foods, you’ll become obese; exercise will become extremely hard, leading to a lack of happiness hormones production.

It’s a closed circle, and it’s tough to get out of it unless you put on the brakes and start making changes in your life. Cardio is one of the most valuable physical activities you can do for yourself. It has so many benefits, and it’s best done by running.

Some people prefer the gym, while others like running outside. Most people will do it in the morning and avoid the darkness, but there are unexpected benefits to running at night. In this article, we’re talking about why night runs are great for you and how to do them right. Keep reading and learn more on this.

Perfect way to switch your unhealthy habits

Are you one of those people who love to spend evenings on their couch, eat snacks, and fall asleep while watching Netflix? This may be the cure for that unhealthy habit. Start running right before you fall on the couch and start eating unhealthy foods.

Not only will you stop getting fatter and fatter by the day, but you’ll significantly improve your health too. Running at night will burn those calories you consumed during the day, and you’ll go to bed exhausted but happy, knowing that you’re doing the right thing.

If you pick the right time when you eat, you’ll have a lot of energy to run for miles. Simultaneously, you’ll be in perfect shape. Night runs will change your biological clock, and you’ll go to bed right at the right time, wake up early in the morning, and be able to have more food for breakfast than dinner, which is essential for staying fit and healthy.

The city is empty at night

There’s nothing more challenging than constantly avoiding obstacles during your run. When you start running through the city streets and sidewalks, there’s always someone to obstruct you or someone parking their car when you’re trying to go.

When you run at night, there’s almost no one out there. Unless you’re doing it in an area where clubs and restaurants are located, and crowds of people wait in lines, you’ll be free to enjoy your run without anyone distracting you.

There’s also no noise and no pollution during the day. You can freely enjoy your run in peace and know that the air you’re breathing is much better than you’d have it in the morning rush hour, for example.  Also, read about Local Digital Business.

Stay safe and learn about safety measures

Although the benefits are many, you still need to mind the cons. Running at night means not seeing well. Human vision is not made for working at night, and we can’t see properly when the sunsets. This is why your night run requires a couple of safety measures.

The first thing to do is dress for the occasion. Wear perfect running shoes to help you avoid holes in the road that may cause injury. Wear a few layers of clothes too, so that the combination of sweat and cold doesn’t get to you.

Always carry your smartphone with you when running at night. Make sure the battery is full too. If something unexpected happens, you need this device to call 911 if it’s an emergency, or some friends or family will come and help you. Also, carry one of those small tactical military flashlights that will illuminate an extremely dark area and keep you safe.

Night runs encourage better sleep and fight stress

If you run during the night, you’re encouraging better sleep. Getting exhausted right before going to bed means you’ll fall asleep easier and wake up in the morning rested. This is the perfect recipe for fighting stress and raising the work of the happiness hormones we mentioned earlier.

To be healthy, you need to have a perfect sleep-wake cycle. It’s essential to sleep eight hours per day and have at least four hours of REM phase. A night run may help you achieve exactly that. With enough sleep, your body will easily handle stress and work pressure.


Being physically active is crucial to maintaining good health. Many people are too tired to do any activity in the morning, which is why they are not exercising. If you’re one of those people, you definitely should consider night running as an option.

As you had the chance to see above, running at night encourages better sleep, helps you burn all those calories you consumed during the day, and gives you a chance to enjoy an empty city. If you also take all safety precautions, you’ll enjoy your run and be healthy.