In an era dominated by the rapidness of social media platforms like Facebook, native ads shine as a beacon of stability and longevity. For advertisers weary of the unpredictability of FB and eager to explore a fresh traffic source, native ads serve as the ideal playground. It might require a tad more patience, as the momentum builds gradually, but as our partner’s story demonstrates, the payoffs can be substantial and consistent.

The Geographical Spread: Profits from Two Countries

Our partner’s experiment spanned two countries, each catering to a different kind of Nutra offer. The outcome? A net profit of 595 euros from anti-aging creams in Germany, and a whopping 1,110 euros from “joint” offers in Austria. This diversified approach not only maximized the revenue stream but also ensured a steady inflow.

The Beauty of Autonomy: Less Intervention, More Profits

One of the striking aspects of these campaigns was their relatively hands-off nature. Once set in motion on the Ad Nativia platform, the campaigns functioned seamlessly, requiring minimal intervention. This “set-it-and-forget-it” mode was punctuated by sporadic optimizations, ensuring the campaign’s health without constant monitoring.

Tapping into the Wealth of Spy Tools

For those starting out or even seasoned advertisers looking to diversify their strategies, spy tools can be a goldmine. By offering a sneak peek into successful ad campaigns – both in terms of visuals and content – these tools can drastically reduce the learning curve. Our partner vouched for their utility, emphasizing how invaluable they were in crafting the Nutra offers.

Tracking Made Easy with Bemob

Efficient tracking is crucial for any successful advertising campaign. Our partner leveraged the capabilities of Bemob, a cloud-based solution known for its precision and affordability. By doing so, they could keep a real-time tab on the campaigns, making informed decisions on the fly.

Delving Deep: Concrete Campaign Results

Upon initiation, our partner rolled out three distinct ads for each of the Nutra products. This decision was rooted in the desire to diversify the approach, cast a wider net, and assess which narratives and visuals resonated best with the target audience. Here’s a breakdown of the results:

Anti-Aging Creams (Germany):

1. Ad 1: Focused on the ‘scientific approach’ of the cream. It achieved a 5% CTR and a conversion rate of 3%.

2. Ad 2: Centered on ‘testimonials and real-life success stories’. This resonated well, pulling a 7% CTR and a conversion rate of 4.5%.

3. Ad 3: Emphasized the ‘natural ingredients’ of the cream. The reception was moderate, with a 4% CTR and a 3.2% conversion rate.

Joint” Offers (Austria):

1. Ad 1: The narrative was about ‘immediate relief’. This saw an impressive 6.5% CTR and a 4% conversion rate.

2. Ad 2: This ad focused on the ‘long-term benefits and prevention’. It recorded a 5.8% CTR and a 3.8% conversion rate.

3. Ad 3: Concentrated on ‘comparative benefits against other products’. The numbers were 5% for CTR and 3.5% conversion rate.

The varied approach allowed our partner to glean critical insights from each campaign iteration. By the end of the week, armed with real-time data and feedback, optimization was executed. Underperforming ads were tweaked, while the top-performers were given more prominence, ensuring maximized visibility and interaction.

The optimization process on the Ad Nativia platform was intuitive and efficient. It provided actionable insights which played a pivotal role in pushing the ROI even higher. The end results, as highlighted above, are a testament to the potency of a well-structured and responsive campaign strategy.

Tips to Succeed with Native Ads:

1. Patience is Key: Native ads may not yield instant results, but their stability makes up for it.

2. Diversify Geographically: Tapping into different GEOs can help maximize profit streams.

3. Use Spy Tools: Especially for beginners, they can serve as an essential learning resource.

4. Opt for Reliable Tracking: An accurate tracker, like Bemob, can make or break a campaign.

In Conclusion:

Native advertising, especially on platforms like Ad Nativia, offers a reliable, albeit slow-burning, route to consistent profits. And as our partner’s journey elucidates, with the right tools and strategies, there’s a goldmine waiting to be tapped.

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