This article will give you a brief overview.Rumah Siap Kerja.comIt could lead to a career path that leads to great job opportunities and a fulfilling career.

Isn’t it helpful to get some advice from experts before you start something new, especially in your job? Knowing what it is like to have someone with experience who can give us options and assures you of something helps ease our nerves.

Sometimes our friends, teachers, or family members can give us this information. But sometimes, it is an online platform that saves the day. This platform is for the Indonesia young people who want to venture into the world of jobs and responsibilities.

Let us now know Siap Kerja.combetter to find out what you can expect from them services.


Rumah Siap Webja roughly translated to Rumah (Rumah means home) Ready to work. It is a platform for career development that Sandiaga Uno established on March 16, 2019.

This website is designed to help young people find work and choose their career path. The goal of the organization is to improve human resources and eradicate unemployment in Jakarta. __S.13__

Rumah siap – What’s the Deal?

According to the website, they offer services such as career guidance, information on job availability and resources, training, and educational support. You can also find solutions for your career-related questions and work spaces.

The online platform allows them to offer training opportunities, as Sandiaga Uno created the initiative during a global pandemic. According to the website reports, they have offered 200 professional trainings on both online and offline platforms. Rumah Siap has a maximum of 50 employees.

Other Information

The following additional information could be gleaned from the huge web of internet about the website:

  • The official website URL is, and the type of the website is Public.
  • The website was created by the owner on 08/03/2019.
  • The domain has been registered through 08/03/2022.
  • The website has a good trust score at 86%
  • It also has a trust ranking of 58.6/100 with tags such as Active and Mediocre attached.

Customer Reviews

Rumah Siap received many great reviews via their Facebook and page, as well as other websites. Zoom sessions were also well received by those who attended them.

Every training program is customized to each person and their individual needs. People love to tell others about it and are happy to recommend it. This venture is a great experience and a rewarding job.

Final thoughts on the Website

According to what we learned about the website, it looks promising. Rumah Siap Kerja.comhas great goals. It’s a beacon of light for youth who feel that they don’t have the resources or motivation to make a career out of it.

Although it remains to be seen what future fruit this establishment will bear, it is an indication of the existence of fresh air.

Let us know your thoughts on the website and the work that it does. It is possible to leave your comments in the section below.