Metal detecting has a diversified scope in which people hunt for different things because it is either their hobby or they follow it as a professional career. Whatever the reason people have to do metal detecting finds, the rules and regulations are the same for everyone.

When is it Important to Follow Metal Detecting Finds Rules?

Treasure hunters have to know that there are mainly three times when they are going for exploration. If the hunters fail to abide by the rules at these times, then they can be heavily fined or even spend time in jail.

Before Going to the Place of Exploration

Treasure hunters have to research the different aspects of the rules mentioned in the points. In this way, they will be mentally prepared for any obstacle the hunters might face.

When Metal Hunting is Going on

Many people think about what mistake they might have made that led to an unsuccessful hunt. The main reason that seems obvious is that hunters forget to abide by the rules when performing the hunt.

After Completing the Hunting Mission

Some rules mentioned in the below points have to be followed at the end of the hunt. Also, a few rules mentioned are simple ethics that good citizens should abide by. The hunters should abide by all rules from the beginning till the end of the hunting process.

What Rules and Regulations are Vital to Follow?

It is a common question that people ask why they should follow the rules when treasure hunting with portable handheld metal detectors. The main reason is that you are abiding by the laws, which will prevent you from going to jail and save you from financial losses in fines.

Not Disturbing the Privacy

If someone has permitted you to hunt on their property but has asked not to disturb their privacy, you should comply and leave the property owners alone. Not doing this might cause you a lot of trouble.

Ensure you are not Trespassing

Trespassing has a simple definition in which a person is roaming on someone else’s property either without them knowing or not having permission to do so. The hunters should not make this mistake and ensure that the property owners know your presence.

Acquire Proper Authorization to Hunt

Sometimes property owners give verbal permission for metal detecting on their land, but others ask for written permission. The hunters have to abide by this rule because they will not achieve their goal of finding anything.

Always Use the Proper Tools and Metal Detecting Accessories

The choice of metal detecting devices and accessories on certain factors include the depth you want to reach, the geographical setting, and the type of metal you want to find. You can contact the experts at various shops like Teknetics Direct to know which device will be the best for your use.

Cleanup After Finishing Metal Detecting

It is unprofessional for the metal detecting crew to leave the site dug up. The hunters have to clean up the mess, fill up the holes, and repair if any damage was done to the property.

Never Touch Dangerous Items

Suppose the metal detecting accessories were used to find things on old battlefields. In that case, you have to be careful not to touch dangerous items like ammunition, landmines, old bullets, and even guns. You should report it to the local police so that they can safely remove the things.

Always Have Experts Present at the Site

Treasure hunters must have experts on-site who can tell whether the items found are authentic or not. They have the tools and skills to find out their authenticity.

Beware of Areas not Recommended for Metal Detecting

Metal detecting finds are prohibited in public parks where there are historical monuments. Also, archeological sites are prohibited from excavation as they are part of the national and international heritage.

These are the rules and regulations that treasure hunters should follow to do metal detecting without any interruption.

Below are three questions that will help clear the concept of metal detecting and where you can and can’t go treasure hunting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you metal detect anywhere?

No, devices for metal detecting finds can only be used in public parks, front and backyards, beaches, riversides, and forest areas.

Do I need permission to metal detect?

Yes, sometimes you need permission to go and metal detecting on private properties because people are concerned about their land and privacy. Also, some beaches require permits for treasure hunting.

Where are the best places to metal detect?

The best places for metal detecting are parks, old homes, schools, public beaches, churches, sports fields, and abandoned home sites. They also include fairgrounds, ghost towns, abandoned mines, tourist sites, battlefields, backyards, amusement parks, campgrounds, playgrounds, drive-in theaters, taverns, bars, and ski resorts.

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