Rous.Store, which is selling drones, projectors, SWS Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 Expert construction kit, etc., does not seem to be a reliable online store. Then, let’s find out why we believe that it is not a genuine online store and what is Rous. Actually, actually through our Ruse magazine here.

Rous.Store has the following inconveniences that make it very suspicious:

# You have not provided your company’s address and contact telephone number.

# You have not provided the essential policy pages as Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, etc. Legitimate online stores must have such policy pages. Then, this makes it more suspicious.

# Many content provided on your website, including your website design game with several scam sites.

# You have not secured your website correctly. Instead, he has tried to cheat people by providing McAfee Fake Trust seal logos in their few pages of product details. Then, if you buy on this site, your personal and financial information can be stolen.

Now, you know Rous.Store is a suspicious site through our review of our Rous.Store as the previous one. So, if you want to say something about it, or want to report on any type of scams, then do not hesitate to leave your comment below. After all, we are here to spread the consciousness about scams. Then, let’s do it together. We are going to save innocent people of scams.

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