Guided tours through Morocco are ideal to get to know the country intensively and to gain great experiences. With a guide who knows Morocco, you can experience more than with a self-planned individual trip.

You do not have to worry about accommodation and opening hours of attractions. Just put your trip in the hands of the tour operator and you can experience Morocco in a relaxed way.

Guided tours in Morocco

When traveling in a group, like-minded people meet and experience together the most beautiful weeks of their lives.

Big round trip

The Grand Tour over 11 days shows the diversity of the country from 1001 Nights. You get to know the royal cities with their landmarks and hike with camels through the desert. In the Atlas Mountains you will see the impressive Todra Gorge with its steep rock faces and the Dadès Gorge with its historic fortifications, oasis gardens and bizarre erosion forms. The last day of the trip will take you to Marrakech with its famous landmark, the Koutoubia Mosque. And Marrakech itinerary 4 days

During this group tour you will get to know the different cities of Morocco. Casablanca as a modern city stands in contrast to the fairytale cities of Fes and Marrakech. Fes and Marrakech belong to the royal cities like Rabat and Meknes. You will get to know the royal palaces, mosques, gardens and museums in the various royal cities on this trip and also visit through the mountainous landscape of the High and Middle Atlas.

Morocco round trip with desert overnight stay

On this round trip you will stay in tents for 4 nights. At the beginning you will visit small, not yet overcrowded towns. Here you can find the authentic life in Morocco. On the 3rd day you will go to Mhamid, the gate of the desert. From here you will walk with saddled dromedaries through the Sahara desert and spend the night in a tent camp. After this desert adventure you will go to Taroudant and you can organize this last day in Morocco individually.

Road of the Kasbahs and Oases

On this trip, after a visit to the capital, you will head east. On the way to the Atlas Mountains, the journey will take you through the city of Fez, the city of scholars. After crossing the Atlas Mountains, you will drive to the most beautiful oasis valley of the country. After your overnight stay in the oasis, you will reach the Todra Gorge, where the road will take you further on the road of the Kasbahs. From the Atlas Mountains you will continue to Marrakech and then to Casablanca, where you will have to say goodbye to Morocco. Viajes al Desierto Marruecos

The Atlas Mountains are a North African mountain range. On this trip with a duration of 15 days you will hike through rugged mountain landscapes. The challenging trekking tour with the ascent of Jebel Toubkal is a small group tour and is led by a certified German-speaking mountain guide. Let yourself be enchanted by the peaks of the Atlas and inspired by the hospitality of the Berbers on this trip. The tour will end with a visit to a hamam in Marrakech.

Morocco round trip with beach vacation

The trip starts in Casablanca and leads you the first days through the west of the country. From here you will head inland, where a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Volubilis is planned. Your journey continues through oriental cities to the Atlas Mountains with its gorges and valleys. A visit to the city of Marrakech is also a must on this trip before heading back towards the Atlantic Ocean. The last day you will spend in the south of Morocco, in Agadir, where the Atlantic Ocean invites you to swim.

Morocco and Andalusia

This round trip is the best way to experience the common culture and history of Morocco and Andalusia. The trip starts in Marrakech, where you will spend 2 nights. From here you will travel through the Atlas Mountains, the desert and charming cities like Fez and Meknès. You will spend one afternoon in Chefchaouen, the “blue city”. Here Andalusian flair meets oriental tradition. On day 8 of your trip you will leave Tangier and head north across the Strait of Gibraltar. In Spain you will visit cities like Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada, where impressive traces of the Moors can be found.

Round trip for women

A trip just for women offers a very special vacation experience. Here you can experience the magic of 1001 nights as a solo traveler or with your girlfriend. You will stroll through the alleys of Marrakech and experience the local sights. During a belly dance class you will also get an introduction to the Arabic language. An excursion to Essaouira rounds off the trip for women.

Morocco round trip with children

Traveling as a family creates memories. On a round trip you can experience a lot with your children. You can immerse yourself in the bustling cities, but also dive into the water during a beach vacation at the Atlantic Ocean. Children love variety and always look forward to new adventures. One recommendation is a camel safari with a local guide. This way children can also see how Bedouin people master their life in the deserts. There is no better teacher than life.

Travel Morocco individually

Morocco is a good place to travel without a tour company. This has the advantage that you can arrange your trip according to your preferences. You can choose between different accommodations. Maybe you want to stay in one of the many riads or rather in a private room. Camping is also possible in Morocco. In any case, the decision is yours. On the Internet you can get many tips for your vacation.

Tour by bus in Morocco

Bus tours in Morocco can be very diverse. There are trips for small groups, but also in a larger group the exploration of the country is a lot of fun. A trip by bus usually includes the flight and you can often book it cheaply. If you don’t want to spend time planning your trip, but still want to see a lot, then a bus tour is the best way to get to know Morocco.

Are Morocco round trips dangerous?

Morocco is by and large a safe country to travel in. Armed security guards patrol the sights, train stations and bus stations. In other situations, you are responsible for your own safety. In Morocco, as everywhere else, there are many pickpockets. Do not carry your backpacks on your back and be careful in general, also with your luggage.

Off-road tours should only be done with a Moroccan guide. Despite these tips, Morocco is a safe country compared to some European countries.

Best time to travel

The best time for your trip depends on your plans. In general, however, the months of April and autumn with October and November are recommended. In these months it is not too hot. For bathing vacations at the coast, the months of June, July and August are preferable, as the temperature here is between 26 and 27 degrees Celsius. For a desert tour it is too hot in summer. It should rather be undertaken in the months of January and February. How about putting your trip to Morocco between Easter and Pentecost. Here are very good climatic conditions for your trip. But how about spending New Year’s Eve in one of the royal cities in Morocco. You will surely find the perfect offer.

On your own

Morocco can be traveled in many ways. If you want to be very individual, then drive your own car or rent a car. As a self-driver you can decide how long you want to stay in one place. But also a round trip by train is feasible for backpackers. In Morocco, the train is a safe and mostly punctual means of transport and the costs are also manageable.

The right clothes

The appropriate clothing for a vacation in Morocco is as individual as the country itself. One does not attach great importance to the clothes. You can see European dressed Moroccans in the country, but also veiled women. This is due to the Islamic influence. As a tourist, it is appropriate that you do not dress so revealingly, but otherwise you can wear very casual clothes. A special time is the time of Ramadan, when you should pay more attention to your clothing. It should not be too revealing. During this time, restaurants and bars are limited.