One of the best things about Rogue 5e is that you can play it in both offensive and defensive styles. Rogue 5e gives acing as much effort as they do to culmination their combat abilities, giving them an extensive ability a few other characters may only be coordinated. Each class in the game has three possible archetypes that they can choose from: the Cavalier, the Agent, and the Ninja. Each of these classes can be played in both offensive and defensive styles and each of them has specific abilities to help them in that style. Here are some Rogue 5e build guides to give you a better idea of how to create a character with Rogue 5e in mind.

The Agent is hard-hitting and has a wide range of abilities that help them to tank enemies or finish off weak ones with ease. There are two paths that an Agent can take; one being stealth and the second being a bit more physical. If you are playing an agent, you need to use abilities that will hinder your opponents or will directly attack them, slowing them down or shocking them with a bolt of lightning. A very nice combination ability is the slippery mind, which allows you to turn invisible and deal with sneak attacks. Another handy trait is the spyglass, which allows you to cast spells on foes while moving. With these abilities, your agents can either heal themselves or deal damage to multiple targets at once.

Cavalier builds up strength very quickly:

The Cavalier builds up strength very quickly, giving them incredible offense and defense capabilities. With a full path of abilities, the Cavalier class is able to heal themselves and others, as well as deal massive amounts of damage with a critical hit. Two of the most important abilities to learn are shield wall and deadly shot, which allow the Cavalier to have a large amount of health and reduce their opponent’s health.

One of the more annoying aspects of the game is when an opponent gets too close to you and then you can’t actually attack them. This is where the Rogue’s proficiencies come in. Each Proficiency provides specialties in a certain area. The ability to double-dip allows the Rogue to use their energy and use their hit points for something else. Or even use it to attack multiple opponents at once!

The trick to Rogue 5e:

The trick to Rogue 5e is that. You don’t need to be a master of several different styles in order to be successful. Every style in the game can be played as a Rogue. Meaning that Rogues can be good hunters, swashbucklers, sneak attackers, and even healers, depending on what type of class features they choose. Below, I’ve listed the five main rogue class features you will want to include in your Rogue 5e build.

Rogue needs stealth to be effective:

Every Rogue needs stealth to be effective, and rogues have several ways to do this. Two-Handed Shot is a feature that makes Rogues more deadly, allowing them to get in a few shots before their target is really aware that they are being shot at. Two-Handed Shot also enables rogues to hit enemies from further away, which makes Rogues excellent tanking units. Every Rogue needs some form of trap ability. Whether it is just a simple trap or a complex concealment maneuver. Because rogues rely on hit points to win in any fight.

Every Rogue needs a long rest to regenerate lost Hit Points. You’ll find that most Rogues won’t make it to level 17 before they run out of HP. So having a long rest can really pay off in the end. A long rest allows your Rogue 5e to recharge all their hit points. So that they can hit enemies again with their primary weapon. Rogue’s sneak attack damage also scales well with level. At higher levels, rogues can deal out more consistent damage. Then they used to, especially when using their hit-point regenerating abilities.


You’ll need to know how to play Rogue effectively to be able to take advantage of all of its capabilities. Rogue 5e can take on three different classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. You can become an acrobat tutor, gaining an advantage while being healed during combat. Stealth lets you slip past enemy lines of attack and still cause damage in a number of sneaky ways. Rogue can also use both weapons at the same time, which lets them maximize damage output and minimize damage taken.