Robuxgen. Us: Do you prefer to receive free or paid items for your games? Many experienced players prefer to buy coins, accessories, skins and other in-game stuff for real money. They are aware that their game accounts may be banned if official developers find illegal activity.

The Philippines, Malaysia, the United States and the United Kingdom are some countries where scammers roam the streets and online for free. Likewise, players are also adopting unauthorized techniques for obtaining currency, characters and other things for their games. We suggest that you read this post to the end to get the full story and its impact on your authentic gaming accounts.

What is Robuxgen. We?

It is a Roblox coin generator service site that appeared on December 19, 2020. After visiting the site, it asks you to click on “GIVE ME ROBUX” to get the latest updates and free Robux coins. You can easily ignore the subscription contract, but you can’t neglect Robux’s exciting offers.

What can you find on the website?

The ROBUXGEN website has nothing relevant for you to know. However, it does provide a small form that you must complete in order to get free Robux coins. They are listed as:

• Step 1: you must enter the ROBLOX username to proceed to the second step in Robuxgen. We.

• Step 2: you need to select how many free Robux coins you want to obtain. The options are 400, 800, 1700, 4500 and 10000 Robux coins.

After filling in the options or questions, you need to tap “CONTINUE” to proceed with the process of acquiring Robux.

What happens next?

After filling out the form, the website will show a character and his username to confirm his account. However, it finds all usernames or players, regardless of whether they are playing ROBLOX or not. By clicking “YES”, Robuxgen. Our website will ask you a question to add the selected number of ROBUX coins. Read the point below to understand what happens next:

• When you choose the option “YES”, it shows a process of crediting ROBUX coins to your game account.

• Later, it shows an error for which you must manually check if you are not a robot.

• As a check, it will ask you to watch irrelevant videos, complete fake searches, or eventually download a third party application.

Final verdict:

We illustrate everything you need to know while browsing Robuxgen. We. It is a fraudulent website that wants to trap you in the scam and earn some money. We suggest that you check the detailed steps mentioned above and the conclusions to learn more. Please share feedback after reading the full article!